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Yahoo exposed as NSA stooge - why it affects others

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Haha Yahoo!

Anyone feeling smugness about Yahoo! users exposed to online pirates should read why that view is a problem, and offers a convincing solution as how to make your online IDs safe. An example headline states :

Headline : "How the Yahoo hack impacts you, even if you don’t have a Yahoo account (and how to get safe again)"
Click :
Source : StartPage

Can StartPage be trusted as a source on dangers from the #yahoohack ?

Short answer : 'Yes.'

Yes, StartPage can be trusted as the world's only search engine to be independently audited as open source software, programmed to be unbiased. Any bias is user-based. Not a default feature, like Google.

Their software is open to anyone, you all, for double-checking.

So their opinion is backed by transparency.

That transparency represents many strengths for StartPage.

Leading strength : Clicking a link tracks StartPage, not online searchers using StartPage.

Strenths balance weaknesses.

Weaknesses :

  1. Startpage is like Google and every other public search engine. Like Google, StartPage can only search publicly available online content.
  2. StartPage does not accurately mirror Google results. Many, many posts, pages and PDFs on Google are missing from Startpage results. For a journalist, this happens often enough to almost destroy its usefulness as a search tool, and should be a concern for notions of any agreed facts, across society.
  3. The default background is naff. Design-SWAT rescue increasingly urgent.

Independent audit does not guarantee independence from state surveillance.

So security responses can start with the simplest

tl;dr -

Change all your passwords.
All of them. Yahoo. Gmail. Facebook.
All of them, any you can remember.




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I had problems sending emails to yahoo addresses

Interesting that this problem has continued for years. I've had problems sending to Yahoo email addresses since 2011. Especially from university accounts (from different universities) and from GMX accounts.
When you consider that Yahoo! have been hacked multiple times and failed to inform their users for years even to change the password on their accounts (this affected hundreds of millions of accounts though multiple hacks), and searched all customers emails for key words for the FBI without telling anyone, I think it's obvious Yahoo! isn't the answer to anything.


Smashes the competition, no joke.

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Yahoo! Mail has a clean interface with buttons and menus organized in a very intuitive way. The tabbed interface allows multi-tasking, offering a method to quickly switch between recent e-mails and searches, it's a winner.

GMail is simply bloated and confusing, there are buttons and links scattered around making it very hard to adapt. While is a solid easy to use option, if you don't need labels and frequently have to look or search another message while composing a new one then Yahoo! and its tabs feature do a much better job.

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No customer support for german yahoo-users

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Yahoo-Mail malfunction not being able to define a new basename for throw-away-addresses

Yahoo-mail has a malfunction not being able to define a new basename for throw-away-addresses.
This problem is very old and has been decribed already 2011 on with the subject: "Ich kann keine Wegwerfadresse erstellen: Service zum Erstellen des Basisnamens ist seit 2011 nicht verfügbar".

I sent away a description of this yahoo-mail-malfunction on August 10th, 2013 from the german site S1 .

If You choose Mail > Mail > Fehler and "Schaltflächen/Links funktionieren nicht" this site S1 offers only one german button for contacting a customer-support-expert:
"Mail an einen Support-Mitarbeiter" linking to the site (L1) to .

This button forwarded my description of the yahoo-malfunction to the english-speaking support-team with mail-address, and I have no link to contact the german speaking support team.

My description of this yahoo-mail-malfunction concerning throw-away-addresses has NOT been answered or solved from the english yahoo-support-team. Instead of a solution of the problem I was told in an E-mail to contact the german support team, which I have done already, but Yahoo has forwarded this contact to the english support team.

The link to the german support team , recommended in the E-mail from the english yahoo-support-team from 20130810 03:11 PM has a forwarding function to the english site .

So with this information nobody is able to contact the german support team.

In spite of the missing information how to contact the german support team, an email from told me:

Our system indicates that you signed up for Yahoo! under the Germany Terms of Service. As such, your concerns can best be addressed by contacting our colleagues using the Yahoo! Germany Help pages at:

To enable a customer support for German/Austrian Yahoo-users it is necessary

  1. to change the link (L1) so, that it links to the german support-team
  2. to inform Yahoo-users per E-mail, how to contact the german support team
  3. Because the contacting of the German support team is not possible because of wrong links all forwarding to the english yahoo-support-site, the english yahoo-support-team should forward the description of the yahoo-malfunction not being able to define a new basename for throw-away-addresses to the german support team.