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Truly an amazing bit of software

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Gives meaning to the expression "intuitive software."

Takes an hour or so to work around, as an awful lot of options.

Price is ridiculous however, $80 for lifetime upgrades. Get real.

I won't ever learn to use the scripting engine, but I am sure many will find this invaluable.

So maybe they need a basic version at $10-15.


Best file browser

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XYplorer is really the best file brower I could try.
I bought commercial lifetime license in 2009 and I can't work anymore without it.
XYplorer is a poweruser tool with a lot of possible customization but everyone can use it easily.

The free version work very well with everything 99% of people need.

What is great ?
- Multitab navigation
- 1 or 2 planes of navigation
- Only one instance of the program is launched (avoid stacks of windows)
- Preview most of the files quickly
- Save navigation
- Highly customizable
- A great navigation three
- Great history system with undo and redo actions
- Calculate folder sizes
- Great search engine
- Great filter system
- Customize files and folders (with colors and stars)
- Great launcher and favorites (catalogue)
- Compare files
- Edit timestamp (file creation and modification dates)
- Preview hexadecimal view of files (for developers)
... and so much more ...

What it miss (and I'd like) :
- A linux port...


As much control as you want

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I've been using XYplorer for months now and haven't even touched all of the possible commands (and I may never get to them all). It's straightforward enough to use just like Windows Explorer, but with as many tricks and customizations as you could want if you want to use them. My favorite aspects are that it integrates with Teracopy, takes the place of the little freeware file renamer I've always used (one less rarely-used program to install), and the two-paned, multi-tab setup makes transferring and organizing files and folders simple. If you've ever had two Explorer windows open next to each other so you can drag between, use this instead. (It also isn't subject to the dreaded, mysterious "endless green loading bar" that's plagued Windows for years now.)


A Power User's Dream file manager - My life was not complete until I found this software

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If I had to choose between The Second Coming of Christ and Xyplorer, I would choose Xyplorer. It's that good!

The author (Donald Lessau) is an eccentric and genius programmer who has gone to extreme lengths to optimize the efficiency of the code in this program, and he has released so many updates over the past 10 years I am astonished and flabbergasted at how he does it.

The amount of functionality in Xyplorer is so deep and so comprehensive, it's practically a file manager operating system. However, all features are configurable and you can disable anything you don't want, so it doesn't get too overwhelming. The important thing is that the features are in there for when you need them.

The usability of this program is off the charts! Donald has accommodated just about everybody's preferences, to the point where you get 6 different choices for the coloring scheme used to style the alternating white-gray Details mode ListView! There are practically 3 ways to do everything - so whichever way you reach for first, just works.

I can't say enough about this program other than to BUY IT IMMEDIATELY and you'll never look back. Seriously, Donald is a power user's power user, so to speak (ala "a Man's man"), so you won't find any frustrating or stupid design decisions in this software like you do with most typical software.


So Powerfull but yet so easy

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I bought this as an alternative to the normal File Explorer. I mainly purchased it as I wanted to be able to tag files like you are able to in OSX. What I did not really know is how powerfull it really is and so much quicker and customisable.

There is a seriously powerfull scripting language incoperated that will do so many things. I have now also replaced my backup software with XYplorer as with a click of the mouse I can backup to multiple locations all from one program and save resource on the machine.

The search function is also amazing especially as you are able to save your searches to be used when required. It is also much quicker then the standard search with far more powerfull options.

Copying files is also much quicker if you use the inbuilt copy procedure. It also has an amazing undo function if you start changing things and then dont like you simply undo it.

The support is also amazing as I had a question and it was answered within a day which is very reasuring when you are going to buy a product.

I must save several hours a day using this now compared to the standard file exploere. All I can say is if you find yourself in file explorer a lot then this is well worth the cost.