XWiki Reviews

No alternatives! :)

Positive Review by vmassol
about XWiki Jan 2013

There's no alternative to XWiki if what you're looking for is an extensible enterprise wiki that you can tailor to your needs... What differentiates XWiki from all other wikis is that it's an application wiki (aka next generation wiki), see http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/SecondGenerationWiki

Some xwiki love here too:


Best choice if you want WYSIWYG editing

Positive Review by laurin1
about XWiki Jan 2013

We searched high and low for products that were full featured, stable AND had a WYSIWYG editor that wasn't some kind of an afterthought.

A little difficult to configure for us, being a Linux application (we're a Windows shop), but worth the effort!!!