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Positive Review by Palmetto
about Xon CMS and Drupal, Joomla Nov 2012

I just wanted to do a quick positive review of this. I added this not too long ago. One of my buddies made it, I tested it out for him, told him about some errors I saw as a user and he fixed right away. It's working great for me since then.

Small Xon CMS iconXon CMS

It's a really lightweight free CMS built with Twitter's Bootstrap. You use the single "install.php" in the directory you plan to install it to, it will copy all the necessary files, you connect it to your database and done. Really nice, very clean and easy to edit. Honestly the easiest CMS I've used compared to all of the top popular ones. The link above has a demo of it, as the site it's hosted on also uses Xon CMS.