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Definitely not the worst

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I disagree that xnspy is bad app. It serves it's purpose quite well. Messages tracking? Here it is. Keylogger? Of course!
GPS? Here you go! CAR TRACKING? YES! The first app, that allows to track not only a cellphone, but a car!
Read about it's opportunities here: https://cellspyapps.org/xnspy/


XNSPY is the worst phone monitor I have EVER used

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XNSPY software is extremely unstable. It came to the point that the software wiped a device completely. XNSPY own description is very sumier. And the 24/7 support is NONE existent. The chat function is mostly not available. The XNSPY support is very slow and very unprofessional.

I am a BDSM Mistress who wanted to use this software on one of her slave, yet I was VERY dissapointed with this unstable software and their unprofessionalism. You can read my full story on my website: https://blackmailgoddess.com/xnspy-worst-phone-monitor-software/