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Wonderful Preview replacement!

Positive Review by MartinLindhe
about Xee Dec 2015

Dont buy the app-store version but the one offered from their site, as it is not sandboxed (has more features).

This has all the features i was lacking in OSX's Preview app, like sliding to prev/next image in the folder and tons of little extras.

Well worth the 4 $ i paid for it :O


My favorite image viewer

Positive Review by adamlogan
about Xee Nov 2015

As the title states, this is my favorite image viewer. It is simple, not bogged down by settings, it is the fastest way I have found to blaze through images, skip in increments when I'm wading through bursts, delete images I KNOW have no hope of making the final cut, rotate and losslessly save images all through quick keyboard shortcuts, that's all I want really, and this provides that.

I love not having to deal with lightroom or similar library based applications. It is smart enough where if you delete pictures in the Finder while looking at a picture, Xee will reload automagically with the first picture available that is remaining in the directory. It is awesome. I've been using macs, windows, linux (arch linux, elementary os, ubuntu, fedora, etc etc) since I was a kid back in the day when I was playing Glider Pro. This one is my favorite out of all the image viewers I've tried, and I've tried many (admittedly not all, there are too many). I hope you'll give this one a try, it's simple and $4 is not a whole lot to ask for to continue development and support the developer.


Why it's shareware?

Negative Review by AnonA2PL
about Xee May 2015

No "thumbnails mode"...