Kodi Reviews

Love It! 1 Helpful

Positive Review by devinq123
about Kodi Mar 2017

my parents have this on their fire tv and we use it all the time but the downside is TERRIBLE picture and sound quality

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Positive Review by PuertoVallertaFan01
about Kodi Dec 2016

Me and the wife use Kodi, used to use Plex but much prefer the overall performance difference with Kodi.


Use it every day

Positive Review by jfar
about Kodi Aug 2016

It's awesome. I use it every day. Got a faster internet connection and the videos load faster.


Best Media Server App

Positive Review by hankthetankitguy
about Kodi Apr 2016

I've used this program to run files on a media server. It works really well! It also has a few other great apps that make it easy to view content on your TV. In a sense this is what I hoped things like Roku and Apple TV would be.


For Me This Is My Media Server Go-To

Positive Review by MeganT
about Kodi Mar 2016

I don't use Kodi as a standard Media Player, I use it for my server. It works seamlessly and audio/video quality is nearly perfect. My only complaint is that it isn't as user friendly as it could be. I think a few alterations to the layout and overall design could make it easier for people of all skill levels to get into!


Very Underrated In A Sense

Positive Review by TonyTheTiger
about Kodi Feb 2016

Great tool but it gets a lot of things right that others don't. For instance, being universal across all my devices is not only something I expect, but it handles it with a great level of technical confidence.


Only media player that gets surround sound right

Positive Review by balupton
about Kodi Oct 2014

After having tried every media player for OSX and Windows here, Kodi/XBMC is the only one that consistently gets surround sound output for AAC/AC3/DTS/Dolby correct for my iMac with Logitech Z5500 speakers.