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about X-Mouse Button Control · Jul 2017 ·

This is a king app. This gives meaning to multiple button mouses. I can't live without this.

Comment by rmbjr60
about X-Mouse Button Control · Mar 2017 ·

Fixed my problem with MS mouse wheel over-sensitivity in certain apps


Excellent software.

about X-Mouse Button Control · · 1 Helpful

Greatly improves upon not only Windows itself, but alternatives like WizMouse as well. WizMouse is very limited in comparison. Give this app a go, it's fantastic. Really ought to have more likes than Wizmouse et al.


Awesome app

about X-Mouse Button Control · ·

I really do like this app. I have to reverse scroll my computer mice, the reason is my hand cramps when I scroll. It's great for that, and also customizing my mouse my way.


Wonderful software

about X-Mouse Button Control and BetterTouchTool · ·

Not a steep learning curve, though it might look scary. There is great documentation. This is such a powerful piece of software. It really helps me ergonomically. Go download it, enjoy it, and then donate to the developer because he's earned it.

I use it as a replacement for Better Touch Tool when I'm on Windows.


good software, which is of a fairly rare type

about X-Mouse Button Control and Clavier+ · ·

Here I just re-test ... in fact Looking for a software that allows me to scroll with "middle-click" and by moving the mouse ... well I actually my wheel is broken ... but I 'also have the "Back" and "Next" buttons on the mouse so I put my wheels (scroll up and scroll down, only with explorer.exe) on those with XBMC!
It works fine, but it's true it lacks some commands ... its still a little program to follow, and perhaps be coupled with Clavier + !


no Del key

about X-Mouse Button Control · ·

There's no Delete key among the functions you can set for your buttons, and you can only chose from the predefined key combinations. That makes this program useless for me.

I managed to configure the Del key in the end. It had to choose the Simulated Key option from the list and then I had to type {DEL}