X-Mouse Button Control Reviews

Excellent software. 1 Helpful

Positive Review by babomancer
about X-Mouse Button Control Apr 2016

Greatly improves upon not only Windows itself, but alternatives like WizMouse as well. WizMouse is very limited in comparison. Give this app a go, it's fantastic. Really ought to have more likes than Wizmouse et al.


Awesome app

Positive Review by Krimsun
about X-Mouse Button Control Jul 2015

I really do like this app. I have to reverse scroll my computer mice, the reason is my hand cramps when I scroll. It's great for that, and also customizing my mouse my way.


Wonderful software

Positive Review by HullabaLou
about X-Mouse Button Control and BetterTouchTool Aug 2014

Not a steep learning curve, though it might look scary. There is great documentation. This is such a powerful piece of software. It really helps me ergonomically. Go download it, enjoy it, and then donate to the developer because he's earned it.

I use it as a replacement for Better Touch Tool when I'm on Windows.


good software, which is of a fairly rare type

Positive Review by Jpotato
about X-Mouse Button Control and Clavier+ Jul 2014

Here I just re-test ... in fact Looking for a software that allows me to scroll with "middle-click" and by moving the mouse ... well I actually my wheel is broken ... but I 'also have the "Back" and "Next" buttons on the mouse so I put my wheels (scroll up and scroll down, only with explorer.exe) on those with XBMC!
It works fine, but it's true it lacks some commands ... its still a little program to follow, and perhaps be coupled with Clavier + !


no Del key

Negative Review by bulau65
about X-Mouse Button Control Oct 2013

There's no Delete key among the functions you can set for your buttons, and you can only chose from the predefined key combinations. That makes this program useless for me.