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R.I.P. Wunderlist

about Wunderlist and Microsoft To-Do · ·

With Microsoft introducing their "To-Do" application, built by the Wunderlist team, they will soon retire their app much like the demise of Sunrise. I would suggest you all begin your transition to alternative task management applications. So far, the new application is missing many of the functions of Wunderlist. There are no subtasks, collaboration, or file attachments. This is detrimental to the team. I can only assume this is because of their integration into other Microsoft applications. At any rate, you all better find a life boat, because this ship, though always assumed since their buyout, is officially sinking Titanic style.

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Wunderlist on Mac OS 10.6

Comment by norz
about Wunderlist · Mar 2017 ·

NB: version 1.2.x which works on Mac OS 10.6.8 can't log in anymore, and current version (3.x) requires Mac OS 10.10.

Still works as a web app though.


Beautiful app!

about Wunderlist · ·

It is great solution for those who is trying to increase their productivity! I used it for almost a month and I cannot be more happy about the impact of this app on my productivity! Great job.


Great for lists

about Wunderlist and Evernote · ·

I've tried to replace Wunderlist with lists in Evernote, but I failed. Wunderlist is much better for this simple one task.


Wunderlist is fine for short lists. For longer lists, look elsewhere for now.

Comment by StevenC
about Wunderlist · Nov 2014 ·

I'm trying to use Wunderlist as a grocery list. The app only recently gained the ability to sort, which one would think would have been a feature from the beginning. Unfortunately, sorting seems to work only for active tasks and not for completed ones. Trying to find one item to activate in a jumbled list of over 100 is annoying at best.



about Wunderlist · ·

consistent lag on the web. ive switched.

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Wunderlist vs. Things: Wunderlist cannot create sub-lists b ...

Comment by kimppomares
about Wunderlist · Jun 2011 ·

Wunderlist vs. Things: Wunderlist cannot create sub-lists but then, neither can Things. However, Things has Areas of Responsibilities where you can list projects.