Wuala Reviews

Being discontinued :(

Negative Review by brilly
about Wuala and Tresorit Aug 2015

As of end of 2015 it will be shut down unfortunatelly. What a shame.


Questionable security and very bad reliability on the long term

Negative Review by Atlas
about Wuala Dec 2014

I've been a Wuala user from the beginning and I used to be very satisfied but things have changed. Wuala claims to be very secure and they gave me that feeling, especially after having read about their implementation. But security is as strong as the password. And a password alone is really weak.

I've sent them a suggestion to implement something like a keyfile like Keepass does or a two-factor login system because passwords could easily get keylogged. But they were not interested (at the moment) because "they didn't see the need for it" because they never noticed anyone getting keylogged (in whatever way they can check that). Also their auto-login feature for in their app is also insecure, the pin code doesn't improve much. But to using the app is avoidable.

The next biggest problem is that they have proven to be very unreliable for storage on the long term. They recently wanted to perform an update to their filesystem and forced users to download a part of their files and re-upload them. I've tried to do that multiple times of different days but the feature didn't work properly so I never managed to download all my files, so I've lost an unknown number of them! And what about users that use their service but rarely log in??

Also, you can't even share files with a custom password! Secure link sharing they call it, don't let me laugh!

Wuala offeres very useful features like streaming, cross-platform compatibility, group sharing, but they should really do something about their nr. 1 selling point!!!


Best true and proper Encryption storage service.

Positive Review by User8994768
about Wuala and SpiderOak Dec 2012

Servers offering encrypted data, only you can access (lose pass, lose everything), which happens to be located in Switzerland where privacy laws are strict and pro towards the people? Gives a new meaning to "offshore data havens" a new meaning. Hands down the best for privacy.