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    Freemium by Spotify |
    Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Windows Phone, Android + Tablet, OpenPandora, MeeGo, Linux, Web / Cloud
    +6 more Windows Mobile, S60, Blackberry, Chrome OS, OpenPandora, MeeGo

    Spotify is a commercial music streaming service providing digital rights management-restricted content from record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. Music can be browsed by...

  • 30

    Slacker Radio

    Freemium by Slacker, Inc. |
    iPhone, iPad, Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Android, Web / Cloud
    +4 more Windows Mobile, S60, HP webOS, Blackberry

    Slacker Radio is like - it builds personalized radio stations. You get to rate songs and artists as "like" and "hate" to make them appear more frequently or to ban them from your...

  • 15


    Free by Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc. |
    iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android + Tablet, Web / Cloud, Blackberry

    The New iHeartRadio brings you a best-in-class customizable digital listening experience that combines the best of both worlds to deliver everything you want in one free, fully-integrated service: More than...

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