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Flawed but Best

Review by jeebus
about WOT Dec 2016

So, I always thought the four categories in WoT were quite useless, however I'm not yet aware of a better alternative. I agree with other reviews that the ratings of sites were only as good as the feedback from users, but I value being able to provide feedback even if it's not vetted. It would be better if there were moderators like a forum, it's also necessary for individual pages or products on sites to be individually reviewed separate from the root domain.

I'm still not aware of any alternative that allows users to give direct feedback that's publicly visible, there's got to be something out there?
The new Windows Edge browser has some capability to comment on sites you visit so maybe that will help...

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Negative Review by SatD1955
about WOT Jul 2014

WOT remarques montrent qu'ils n'ont aucune idée de la technologie de l'information!
WOT comments show that they have no idea of the information technology


Screw WOT

Negative Review by SpaceOctopus
about WOT and LinkExtend Jul 2014

Couldn't agree MORE with the other reviews here. WOT is a horrible service & it's become extremely popular, resulting in a major problem. There are tons of reasons not to use WOT & especially not to trust them. Just do a little research. I am glad I did, since I found out about some pretty hefty violations of my damn privacy, along with the biased rating system & bull* reviews from people who just don't like the content on a site because they're stupid or stuck-up or something, and they think their opinion about it should mean that the people who do appreciate it, should be ignored. Also their "support" system is ridiculous & they will ban you from forums for absolutely nothing. It's a completely flawed system & I wish desperately that there was a reasonable replacement that would help. I want to use LinkExtend, but unfortunately it hasn't been updated since 2011 and I've found no information on this fact, or why!
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Worse thing that ever happened to the internet

Negative Review by shinjiku
about WOT Sep 2013

During early stages of the product it seemed like a great way to keep internet in check, but as the MyWOT community started to grow, came the realization that this product is not the best but in fact the worse. See MyWOT works on a very simple mechanism, you go and rate sites. It does not matter if you visited them or not. It does not matter if the site is legal or not. And there is also the Premium user hierarchy, this users ratings have an epic scale on sites rating. And lets mention when such power are given to random users on the web it can be easily miss used.

Putting your website on MyWOT and asking for it to be reviewed in the forums will most likely give you the results fast and quick as you see your potentially new and safe website go into Ember rating zone. Reason? There is no magical algorithm as claimed by WOT. Its just power hungry "premium" zealots doing what they do best, rating without exploring and assessing.

If you find your self in the ember area or even red with 100% site you will find it hard for visitors to find you who are using MyWOT browser extension. In part this entire rating system and lack of proper moderation is a violation of few things that come in mind. Since I am a Canadian citizen, I would consider MyWOT to violate Competition Act. By failing to moderate potential small businesses ratings vs other large scale businesses. Not to mention this larger businesses can pay other premium users to destroy your rating. And knowing the typical PC consumer they will be a little "sheep" and flock away from your website ones MyWOT warning hits there screen.

As of this many people have concluded that MyWOT is no more then a scam full and fraudulent service with no fair system and no way to remove your site, reset rating or get some much needed explanation with no contact information and impossible to find solutions that loop you back to FAQ/Support pages.

If you do not believe me please refer to 1channel.ch rating, it is rated all green for all categories, when in fact its an illegal site and has high quantity of pop-ups and ads with high-quantity of drive by malware and trojans.

Please be smart and never submit your site to MyWOT


I do not trust WOT

Negative Review by dantsatsan
about WOT Jan 2013

I was a long time user of WOT until I became active in the mywot community. After I discovered the REAL truth about WOT, I deleted it from my PC and blocked their website in my router. I'm not gonna go into details. I suggest you google "MyWot Scam".