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Love Worship Inc!

Positive Review by ashleymcglone
about Worship, Inc. Mar 2015

Love this software! This morning we had five tablets* all controlled with the Airturn Bluetooth foot pedal by the leader plus the overhead computer in the back. Using the Airturn we were able to smoothly transition back and forth in a three song medley at the end of the set. It worked beautifully. As a worship leader this software saves me so much time from working with printed chord sheets and creating PowerPoint slides. Wonderfully able to edit songs, chords, keys and notes during practice and update everyone simultaneously. This is so much easier. Thank you so much! Please convey our gratitude to the entire Worship Inc. team. *Tablets: Surface RT, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3, Dell Venue 8 Pro, WinBook TW100. Another band member uses a Lenovo Yoga.


Loving Worship, Inc.

Positive Review by benharden
about Worship, Inc. Sep 2012

We use Worship, Inc. all the time at our church and don't know how we ever use to get on without it! It makes life so much easier being able to add a song in the middle of a live set and know that everyone in the band (and even the projector) has all the words and all the chords without having to run around trying to print off chord sheets in the right key.

It's really helped us us to be free in our worship and to go where we feel led!