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  • Time Out icon

    Time Out

    Break timer with micro-breaks for Mac OS X. It is very easy to fall into bad habits when using a computer for hours on end. You care...

    Free Mac

  • Eyeleo icon


    EyeLeo is a handy PC application that reminds you to take a break for your eyes. Features: Screen blocking long breaks...

    Free Windows

  • Fadetop icon


    FadeTop is a visual break reminder for Windows. At regular intervals, it fades your desktop into a bluish color, and displays current...

    Free Windows

  • Rest icon


    Rest is an app for your computer that keeps you productive and healthy throughout the day. It does so by reminding you to take a...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • EyeDefender icon

    EyeDefender Discontinued

    EyeDefender is a freeware rest reminder designed to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) resulting from working on a computer for...

    Free Windows

  • Emanen Motomu icon

    Emanen Motomu

    It is very easy to fall into bad habits when using a computer for hours on end. You care about what you are doing, so can sometimes...

    Free Personal Windows

  • Eyes Relax icon

    Eyes Relax Discontinued

    It’s an utility that helps avoiding eyes-related problems when working at a computer for several hours. Concentrating your eyesight on...

    Free Windows

  • RSIBreak icon


    RSIBreak is a small utility to remind you to take regular short breaks. Repetitive Strain Injury is an illness which can occur as a...

    Open Source Linux

  • Awareness icon


    Subtle awareness of time spent on the computer. Awareness helps you become more aware of time spent on the computer by playing the...

    Free Mac

  • SmartBreak icon


    SmartBreak is a revolutionary ergonomics program that reminds you to look away from your computer screen and enforces you to take...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • rsiguard icon


    Remedy Interactive's RSIGuard is an award-winning desktop ergonomic software solution that reduces repetitive strain injuries. ...

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux

  • Xwrits icon


    Xwrits reminds you to take wrist breaks, which will hopefully help you prevent repetitive stress injury. It pops up an X window when...

    Open Source Linux BSD

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  • AntiRSI icon


    AntiRSI is a program for Mac OS X that helps prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury) and other computer related stress. It does so by...

    Free Mac

  • Iris icon


    Reduce eye pain, sleep better and be more productive and healthy with Iris. Iris is super customizable and actively developed. ...

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux

  • Vision Defense icon

    Vision Defense

    The Vision Defense Software provides you with reminder prompts to briefly look away from the screen at specific time intervals that...

    Free Windows

  • stretchly icon


    stretchly is cross-platform open source app that reminds you to take breaks when working with computer. It runs in your tray and...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • eyeBreak Discontinued

    eyeBreak is a tiny app designed to sit in the Windows tray and provide a non-ignorable message reminding you to take a break from what...

    Free Windows

  • Wellnomics WorkPace icon

    Wellnomics WorkPace

    WorkPace is one of the most sophisticated computer ergonomics packages available. WorkPace monitors your mouse and keyboard use....

    Commercial Windows

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  • WristSaver icon


    WristSaver is a free and open source rest reminder application for Mac OS X. WristSaver is written in Cocoa and takes advantage of...

    Open Source Mac

  • Stretch Break icon

    Stretch Break

    Stretch Break ergonomic software reminds you to take stretch breaks to avoid RSIs. Animated figures show you how. Reduce stress and...

    Commercial Windows

  • MagicanRest icon

    MagicanRest Discontinued

    Magican Rest is a free time reminder. It rescues Mac users from overworking and helps users arrange working time properly!...

    Free Mac

  • Eyefoo icon


    Does too much time using computer gives you dry eyes and fatigue discomfort? Eyefoo is a timer to remind you to rest, keep you from...

    Free Windows

  • Move! icon


    Move! for Mac helps you get healthy at your desk. Only standing up from your desk regularly will make you feel good after intense...

    Commercial Mac

  • OfficePhysio icon


    OfficePhysio is an online video exercise service to prevent and cure computer-related back, neck & shoulder problems. How does it...

    Freemium Web / Cloud

  • Breaker icon


    Breaker is a handy and easy to use program that will remind you that you need to take a break. Working for a lot of hours in a row is...

    Free Windows

  • Eye Break Discontinued

    WorkplaceOptimizer ::: EyeBreak

    Free Web / Cloud

Workrave Comments

Qt port

Comment by TimPl
about Workrave Aug 2016

Any plans to port this app on Qt framework?


This One is Cool

Positive Comment by PeterSavin
about Workrave Sep 2014

I have been using EyeLeo, but it's almost stopped working. Went out to find a replacement. And Workrave is working just fine. Someone below said it was memory hungry. I didn't notice. Only eats 20MB of RAM. It's nothing these days. Don't make me laugh. The design is fine and I like it for now. Will be checking out others to see if there is still something better. Save your eyes. Be no fool.

[Edited by PeterSavin, September 15]



Comment by rs2128
about Workrave Mar 2012

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Workrave is too memory hungry for such a simple app.Its als ...

Comment by dwalkercouk
about Workrave Jun 2011

Workrave is too memory hungry for such a simple app.

Its also way too complicated. All you need is something which pops up every 20 mins to remind you to take a break.

Dont waste your time with this - try Eyedefender which is 20 times smaller and is simple to use.