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Great notetaking program and first of its kind, although close competitor

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Choosing between Workflowy VS Dynalist

Workflowy Pros VS dynalist

  • If you like speed of data entry over anything else
  • If you like more traditional microsoft word style processing, but like nested bulletpoint functionality
  • Very fast tag navigation
  • Shareable lists within one doc

Dynalist Pros vs Workflowy

  • You can read the comparison to dynalist here: on my other review: Small Dynalist iconDynalist , which is the closest alternative to it

Supreme to-do manager, note-taker, outliner

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I also love the minimalism of WorkFlowy. But there is more to it. Its one-click hoist (or zoom) turns it into a brainstorming application (very similar to the legendary BrainStorm), as you can quickly zoom into an essential sub-topic, shutting all the noise out (so, yes, it is Zen).

It is always open in a tab on my browser. It has replaced all my other to-do apps both on the PC and in my iPad and iPod Touch. The automatic sync between all the devices just works.

In the end I use it for 3 main purposes:
- note-taking within a hierarchical system;

  • brainstorming lists and developing outlines on the fly (it is a single-pane outliner with inline notes, which in itself is a rarity);

  • managing my to-do list.

It also has OPML export, so with a bit of tinkering you can get your outline into other outliners (such as Bonsai or CarbonFin).


Zen app.

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For those who love minimalism and got tired of noisy interfaces. Use it every day along with gmail and google calendar.