WizNote Reviews

Good, not perfect

Positive Review by vorobushek
about WizNote and Evernote Jan 2014

Seems like a promising app. Has some functions that Evernote doesn't: sub-sub folders, css for notes,calendar, several different skins, many plugins, great import-export (including from Evernote), templates etc etc.
On the other hand, it's main drawback is that it's mostly targeted at Chinese customers: although the Windows and Android apps are translated into English, many lines are still in Chinese, and sharing options are some Chinese social networks. Feedback also leaves much to be desired.
Bottom line, it's a good alternative to Evernote if they internationalize a little (or at least create a knowledge base webpage and support forum in English)

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10/10 software. Deserves to be better-known 1 Helpful

Positive Review by usillos
about WizNote May 2013

This is a killer piece of software.
Notes produce html that is clean of inline css (beats word, onenote).
Encryption, powerful search, and a mobile app that beats mostly anything. Plugins galore. Makes onenote and evernote look like toys.
I wonder why wiznote is not better-known... maybe because the site is not in English?