Wisp Handbook Reviews

WISP is a SaaS solution providing companies with customizable employee handbook applications.

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Everything you need for new employee onboarding, company policy communication, team contact book creation and news sharing in one app. A simple app containing all the important info makes total sense. This would also be incredibly useful for startups who don't have HR in-office, or really any type of HR. Being able to see company policies and smoothly onboard employees is super important and something that can be taken for granted at early-stage companies.

Great functions in the admin panel:
- import/export of contacts in bulk,
- managing access to content with tags,
- removing contacts,
- visualization of the app in the online editor,
- adjusting color of the admin panel and apps.

Some cool features to the apps:
- corporate messenger,
- comments for the news,
- push notifications,
- iPad version