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The Future

Positive Review by Erqo
about Winyl Oct 2016

Nice, elegant and simple. Playing your music as well as internet streams.

The tiny days of wrestling with complicated settings are over. This is the future.

Could use some tabs instead of a treeview, needs to grow.


Great player.

Positive Review by User6960610
about Winyl Oct 2014
  • All that you wanted from foobar2000 and so hard to configure = simple and clear player with smartlists(autoplaylists)and good sound quality(Directsound/WASAPI/ASIO).

Most Underrated Audio Player 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Auyx
about Winyl Jan 2012

Great interface, simple yet smart. Plays Flac, Just try it you wont go back. Keep it simple stupid