WinSplit Revolution Reviews

Excellent desktop organizer 1 Helpful

Positive Review by vectorspin
about WinSplit Revolution Jun 2016

Everytime you end up on a system with lots of windows open, trying to manage your increasingly complex work, look for WinSplit. The program may or may not work on computers past Windows 7, but it definitely works fine under 64bit.

Portable, easy to setup, and customizable, WinSplit rewards a little effort to configure. I'm so sorry the developers stepped away from this program. I would have happily put down money on a commercial version.


Very powerful 1 Helpful

Positive Review by xmoondoggx
about WinSplit Revolution Sep 2013

Top features include the small, visual control that can easily be used with a mouse when you don't have your hands on the keyboard. Also, the ability to completely configure the size and location of windows using x-y coordinates and percentages. Lastly, the ability to assign multiple positions to the same shortcuts, and be able to cycle through them is brilliant.

Only problem is may system windows in Windows 8 don't seem to work, and the app hasn't been updated in some time.



Positive Review by SouzaRM
about WinSplit Revolution Oct 2012

Very cool!