Windows Vista Reviews


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Quick summary:
OS is not as bad as people say it is. Speed is OK, it's very usable, and it's simply Windows. It is though slower than XP in some areas, and will slow down (much like any other OS) once it gets clustered.

More secure from those 2006 and older malware than XP
Working OS
Stable (at least with SP2)
DirectX 10 and 11
Large compatibility to Windows software, not too many incompatibilities
Looks WAY nicer than XP

Driver compatibility is not great with 2006 or older hardware/devices
Slightly slower than XP (not too notable)
Slows down dramatically once clustered

Vista after a couple of service packs is definitely better then XP. But i don't really see any reason not to spend some money on Windows 7 that i think is pretty awesome.