Windows Movie Maker Reviews

Another choice

Review by yilelzu
about Windows Movie Maker Apr 2017

For convert phtos to video, I use Slideshow Movie Creator.
For video editing, I suggest Easiest Video Editing Software


No -3 Helpful

Negative Review by angel_baby
about Windows Movie Maker Jan 2015

I hate it. Always have, even on Windows XP. And, an alternative to One True Media?? NOT EVEN CLOSE! Nothing has compared to OTM yet. I'm still grieving the loss. Too many video creators are just versions of Movie Maker. UGH how I hate it!!


Version 2012 breaks free of the MS universe

Positive Review by mll
about Windows Movie Maker Oct 2014

Last time (maybe 8 years ago) I tried Movie Maker, the output had to be in the WMV codec, so I stopped using it.

Well, I just gave Movie Maker 2012 a try and was amazed to see that it dropped WMV and it now exports movies in mp4 (Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) / Audio: AAC). Very, very cool.

Even more : I could import .mov (ie Apple) videos, and it can directly export to non-MS sites (Vimeo, Youtube...). Really, MM 2012 becomes much, much more universal.

Add to it its quick learning curve, and all you need to make basic videos (effects, text insertion, copy / cut). So I guess I love it.


Verify system requirements before install Movie Maker 2012

Negative Review by Danilo_Venom
about Windows Movie Maker Aug 2012

I read about the new Movie Maker 2012 with new features such as video stabilization, so I downloaded and installed it.

But when I tried to open Movie Maker, it always crashes and tells me to verify the system requirements: the old Movie maker run on processors with 1.6 GHz (single processor) or higher (for dual-core), the new one run on processors with 2.4 GHz. My pc is 1.9 GHz so it doesn't support the new Movie Maker.

Then why doesn't Microsoft verify my system requirements BEFORE install it on my pc?

Furthermore I can't reinstall the old version now because the installer notifies only the new one.

Another crap made by Microsoft.