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Lack Of Feature


Movie Maker for Windows 10

Comment by OAKside
about Windows Movie Maker · Aug 2015 · 1 Helpful

I wish Microsoft would continue development of Movie Maker for Windows 10 and beyond. There are a serious lack of quality, easy-to-use video editing alternatives, most are super simplified (dumbed-down) and stripped of features (Movie Moments must be a terrible joke). Or AviSynth -based GUI's which require too much time to learn for many people, especially for more complicated effects. Movie Maker was a great balance of features and ease of use. It's a shame it has not been updated in years.


Classic Movie Maker

Comment by LAN
about Windows Movie Maker · Jan 2015 ·

Windows Movie Maker was included in Windows XP. But Windows 7 lacks it for some reason and we're forced in download Windows LIVE Movie Maker which is completely different and worse IMO. Luckily, it's still possible to download the classic Movie Maker: Download from Microsoft Download Center

(It says it's for Vista, but it also works on newer Windows.)


It use all CPU cores

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Use all CPU cores


Easy to use movie maker

Comment by Thelle
about Windows Movie Maker · Mar 2012 ·

The windows movie maker is good for small and simple home videos.. It is easy to use and have some nice basic features, but it can only export to Windows Media Video (wmv-files) which is quite annoying.


This application is not Free Software.

Comment by havarn
about Windows Movie Maker · Jun 2011 · -2 Helpful

This application is not Free Software. It is not even open source software and it is not gratis, because you have to buy a Windows license.


If anyone wants free full pledge video editing suite for Wi ...

Comment by Akutaj
about Windows Movie Maker · Jun 2011 ·

If anyone wants free full pledge video editing suite for Windows do not go any further. Windows Movie Maker is I think the only available, useable free non-linear video editing program for Windows. Further most, those having Windows XP will surely be blessed with this piece of freebee .


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