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about Windows 8 · Jul 2017 ·

I like Windows 8 Because is actually works. Many application in Windows 10 to not work with other programs. Windows 10 is too expensive, My Windows 10 replaced Windows 8.1, and the program parts do not open at all.
I want to go back to Windows 8.1


Just awesome!

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Using Windows 8 since first Developer Preview. Right now I have Windows 8 Pro on my primary netbook (HP dm1-4201sr) and on my old desktop (Celeron D 2.8 GHz, 1536 MB RAM, X1950 Pro). Soon I will have Acer W700-6607 tablet. Windows is great!

So, why Windows 8 is incredible?

  1. I like that typical desktops and laptops now have these great features of mobile platforms. WinRT apps, tiles, notifications, etc. Of course I miss some features on Windows 8 from Windows Phone, like Facebook integration in calendar, ability to write on friend's timelines, ability to check in, and some more, but it's a big progress anyway. And it's useful. Always wished to have something like this on PCs.

  2. Apps. System by default can do much more than Windows 7. Now there is a Hyper-V, ISO and VHD mount, Mail, Contacts, and much more-"right out of the box".
    And apps by their own cool and useful. People, Messaging, TuneIn Radio, Xbox Music, Maps, Wiki, Bing-only few of apps that I use almost everyday.

  3. New interface is cool. It's more easy-to-use and intuitive, it has new great opportunities-like Share and Search-can't imagine working on PC without them, it's beautiful!

  4. Windows 8 works faster and more stable than Windows 7 and much faster than OS X and any Linux-based trash.

So I like Windows 8 and I enjoy using it! Much cool new things-it's impossible to use outdated Windows 7 now)


I don't trust Microsoft anymore

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I tried Windows 8 and I hate it
1)Secure boot = How will I dual boot with Ubuntu?
2)Built-in antivirus = Their MSE let 3 trojan in my laptop
3)Touch screen = How can I use that without upgrading my laptop?
4)Windows App Store = Must be full of useless apps
5)New Windows Explorer = Ribbon is useless
6)Metro = I prefer Desktop and Aero
7)No Windows Media Center = Seriously?Why,Microsoft?
8)No DVD player = How will I rip my DVD and Bluray?
9)Charms = This should be the new start menu

[Edited by Princess, July 03]

It's not really a review in my opinion, more like a rant.

Anyway, some points you mentioned are already "tweakable" :

  • ribbon can be disabled with a simple program
  • you can rip DVD using other programs/method extremely easily
  • some open source media center solutions exist (some are very good)
  • you don't need a touchscreen to use Windows 8 although there are some "mouse gestures"' and most Windows users aren't used to that
  • the built-in antivirus is not necessary if you have a complete security suite (i rent an ESET license for a cheap price)

Concerning the Windows Store, it's relatively fresh so we can't have a definite answer and say "it's full of useless crap". Almost every store (especially on mobile platforms) has a lot of bad apps.

Finally, ModernUI (formerly Metro) can be disabled entirely if you really don't want to use it but it means that you will have to install an app to have a start menu.

Secure Boot is very questionable that's certain. However, it will only be activated by manufacturers who want to have the "Windows 8 compatible" label (those famous stickers we see on computers). Im sure that whatever Microsoft wants to do with that, it will be bypassed by talented reversers soon enough.