Windows 8 Reviews

Just awesome!

Positive Review by Jonathan_x64
about Windows 8 Dec 2012

Using Windows 8 since first Developer Preview. Right now I have Windows 8 Pro on my primary netbook (HP dm1-4201sr) and on my old desktop (Celeron D 2.8 GHz, 1536 MB RAM, X1950 Pro). Soon I will have Acer W700-6607 tablet. Windows is great!

So, why Windows 8 is incredible?

  1. I like that typical desktops and laptops now have these great features of mobile platforms. WinRT apps, tiles, notifications, etc. Of course I miss some features on Windows 8 from Windows Phone, like Facebook integration in calendar, ability to write on friend's timelines, ability to check in, and some more, but it's a big progress anyway. And it's useful. Always wished to have something like this on PCs.

  2. Apps. System by default can do much more than Windows 7. Now there is a Hyper-V, ISO and VHD mount, Mail, Contacts, and much more-"right out of the box".
    And apps by their own cool and useful. People, Messaging, TuneIn Radio, Xbox Music, Maps, Wiki, Bing-only few of apps that I use almost everyday.

  3. New interface is cool. It's more easy-to-use and intuitive, it has new great opportunities-like Share and Search-can't imagine working on PC without them, it's beautiful!

  4. Windows 8 works faster and more stable than Windows 7 and much faster than OS X and any Linux-based trash.

So I like Windows 8 and I enjoy using it! Much cool new things-it's impossible to use outdated Windows 7 now)


I don't trust Microsoft anymore

Negative Review by Princess
about Windows 8 Jul 2012

I tried Windows 8 and I hate it
1)Secure boot = How will I dual boot with Ubuntu?
2)Built-in antivirus = Their MSE let 3 trojan in my laptop
3)Touch screen = How can I use that without upgrading my laptop?
4)Windows App Store = Must be full of useless apps
5)New Windows Explorer = Ribbon is useless
6)Metro = I prefer Desktop and Aero
7)No Windows Media Center = Seriously?Why,Microsoft?
8)No DVD player = How will I rip my DVD and Bluray?
9)Charms = This should be the new start menu

[Edited by Princess, July 03]