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Windows 8.1 is the best version of Windows yet!

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I have been using Windows extensively since 3.1 back in the early '90s. I see people saying 8/8.1 is the worst but the main reason I see in complaints is the missing Start "Menu". Now, we have a Start "Page". if people would put a little time into learning their way around the new design, which is VERY easy to learn for most people, they would see it's nowhere near as bad as they claim.

I could go on and on but I really don't need to. I absolutely love Windows 8.1 and can't wait to see Windows continue to improve with Windows 10 and beyond.

I received a sad and ridiculous response to my "opinion" of Windows 8.1 that said I deserve a "punch to the mouth". I had to look at it a couple of times to make sure I read it correctly. How pathetic and pitiful is all I have to say to that poor soul who got enraged over something like this.


Win8 Thumbs Down!

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i really hate win8. i hope win9 will be better!

Lets hope the next one will have a more original name :)

I tried Windows 8 and It's not that I hate it, but I am among those folks who believe Microsoft should have made separate OS's for tablets and desktops. I came back to Windows 7 after a month of using 8 as it's just more customizable and more handy for me personally. Let's hope that the next MS release will be more desktop oriented. If they are going to continue to move towards simplification of all things and production of obscure hybrids like W8 is, I definitely will be searching for painless ways of switching to Ubuntu, or EVEN OS X.

I think you should go Ubuntu over (Mac) OS X

I would have already went with Ubuntu if I could. Unfortunately, there are a lot of apps on Windows that I use each and every day (and consider them outstanding), which don't have much of an alternatives on Linux. At least as far as I'm aware at the given moment. If not for that, I probably would have already switched to Ubuntu.
Os X obviously has its pros and cons as well... hard to tell which is more