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Positive Review by mundoestranho
about Windows 7 Aug 2016

Mano muito épico Windows 7 melhor sistema ????????????


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Review by soheilkd
about Windows 7 and Windows 10, Windows 8, Ubuntu Aug 2016

I prefer windows 7 to windows 8/10 because:
1.My graphic driver (AMD 7670M) is not fully compatible with windows 8/10 (I tried 100 different drivers from AMD/Windows Update, No difference)
2.Low boot speed compared to my hardware on 8/10
3.Low performance on Virtual Machine on 8/10
4.Incompatible hardware drivers (like GPU, USB port, Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet port) on 8/10
5.Smoother UI and easier to use on 7. I don't like metro style too much
6.High CPU usage on 8/10 so weak battery and overheating CPU and GPU

I like Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu on my laptop and 80% of time i'm using Ubuntu. because:
1.Smoother UI and much lighter than win7
2.Less driver problems compared to all windows versions
3.Application installation is so easy on Ubuntu
I can't delete windows and use Ubuntu always because:
1.In my country, Most (maybe all) apps are not supported on Ubuntu
2.I'm C# developer. So i need to install VisualStudio or any other app on Windows
3.Much easier to find specific softwares


Ugly as hell -1 Helpful

Negative Review by ihatetoregister
about Windows 7 Feb 2016

So our company finally made the switch to Windows 7 and all I has to say is that this must be the ugliest product ever made.