Windows 10 Reviews

Micro$oft WinBlows 4 Helpful

Review by jesusmalverde
about Windows 10 Jan 2017

Make no mistake, Micro$oft has gotten cocky with their near-monopoly. Window$ will only get worse.


good OS -3 Helpful

Positive Review by thorm
about Windows 10 Jan 2016

I didn't like the beta version because of some bugs, but the final release is very good.


Abomination for long-time Windows users, end of the line 8 Helpful

Negative Review by Atoshi
about Windows 10 Dec 2015

I used to like Windows, despite being commercial OS, mainly for it's software base and good architecture, but practically every feature Micro$oft is introducing since version 8 is completely missed. Tablet-like interface and separate kind of apps with own runtime environment, Start button removal, forcing secure boot, worse support for legacy programs, weird GUI solutions (active corners? CHARMS??? Pls, no). And now they're going full spy-mode, deliberately recording every user's action, and claiming rights to remotely remove any application, pushing updates, that are normally impossible to cancel? What is that, who's supposed to control own computer? Its user or some monopolistic corporation, who started to think of its operating system as of invigilation tool? With Windows 10 your computer is less personal than ever. For now i'll continue using Windows 7, and i stopped deluding myself that they revert to old developing strategy at some point. I was hesitating with migration to Linux since long time, but this seems to be future for users who care about what they use.