WhenIsGood Reviews

Really fast !

Positive Review by James_Patageul
about WhenIsGood and Doodle Nov 2012

The interface is really more accurate and therefore it's take the half of the time than the doodle service to creat a event ! create ! Just missing a email notification (when someone have reply to a event) and it will be the perfect planning service !


Unique, different mechanism than others, and better

Positive Review by wolftune
about WhenIsGood Aug 2012

I like WhenIsGood over the other systems because it functions more based on time range. Within a specified range, everyone can mark when they are free instead of voting just for suggested options. This makes it easier to get data from everyone and make sense of what to do.

I'm actually using it not just for getting everyone together but for working out schedules with lots of separate people in order to find the best times for each separate appointment. Most tools like that, such as YouCanBook.Me (from the same company as WhenIsGood) are more of a set-in-stone first-come-first-serve setup, which is good for some things but not for me.

WhenIsGood makes it easy to collect information and then figure out how to best use it yourself.