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Its a replacement of text messaging

Positive Review by AcceptedUser
about WhatsApp Messenger Dec 2014

Whatsapp is a replacement of texts and if it charge $1/year I am okay with it. There are other apps that provide free calls and stickers and bla bla bla.. But the UI of whatsapp is just perfect and simple. You can have other apps like LINE, WeChat or Viber but Whatsapp is a necessity because you just can not force others to use your desired app. Afterall not in India :P


whatapp is for fools and imbeciles -1 Helpful

Negative Review by Unwasted_Youth
about WhatsApp Messenger and Psi+, Jitsi, CSipSimple Jul 2014

whatapp repackages XMPP and violates your privacy excessively.

XMPP is an Open Standard frequently used for Texting, calling, video, conferencing

XMPP Texting

If you're not using XMPP Texting you are [naively] needlessly paying to communicate on an internets device. It's likely you are new to connectivity (10 or less years). Grow up & spend less monthly.

  • SIP Texting

is an equally zero-cost option

Either way you can bridge to your naive peers with an ITSP like anveo or vitelity.