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WebSite X5 Professional 10

Positive Review by frsr
about Website X5 Nov 2013

WebSite X5 Professional 10 is the most complete and versatile software for creating websites, blogs and online stores, with full optimization for search engines and 100% functional on tablets and smartphones.
Designed for those who create websites for a living, WebSite X5 Professional 10 maintains the structure of a guided tour, but has loads of extra tools and advanced features. The result is an amazing combination of simplicity and power, which gives professional users numerous advantages: flexibility and plenty of room for customization, reduced development time, state-of-the-art projects, an optimized investment.

Advanced features:

»»Mobile app for broadcasting website contents
»»1,500 graphic templates that can be customized
»»Create or import/export templates
»»Full project and backup management
»»Optimized code for mobile devices with Touch support
»»Advanced SEO optimization and analysis features
»»Online updates for dynamic contents
»Online stores with credit card payment facilities
»»Full product availability and discount management (discount
vouchers available)
»»Database integration
»»Members’ areas with automatic user registration
»»Multi-language websites
»»Online control panel for website management

WebSite X5 includes:
»»Printed Guide
»»6.000 exclusive and royalty-free images
X5 Community:
»»Video Tutorial - Learn how to create your first website
»»WebSite X5 Gallery - View sites created with WebSite X5
»»WebSite X5 Template - Download new templates
»»WebSite X5 Answers - Sign up and talk about your site
»»Support - Receive assistance

Minimum Requirements:
»»Windows™ XP, Vista, 7, 8
»»1 Gb RAM
»»1024x768 Screen Resolution
»»Internet connection and e-mail account for
product activation


WebSite X5 Evolution 9

Positive Review by frsr
about Website X5 Jan 2013

Some time ago, knowledges about HTML, design, and even programming were necessary to design a website.

Fortunately, at some point, software vendors realized that many people need to publish their own website, but they don’t not have enough resources or knowledge at all to do it.

Incomedia’s solution has renewed the way of creating websites, blogs and online shops, allowing the generation of a complete and professional site in five steps. Among the best keys of success of WebSite X5, is the vast collection of templates (over 1,500 designs), the compatibility with HTML5 and CSS3, the HTML5 galleries with photos and videos, E-mail forms with anti-spam filters, Blogs with Podcasts and Videocasts, and RSS Feeds and much more.

After the installation, the first step is to set some general parameters, such as the name of the site and selecting the template. Then is possible to create the site map and the navigation menu, with an unlimited number of pages and levels.

In step three it is possible to design the contents of each page, using a lot of available objects such as: the Text Object, the Image and Table ones and much more, although also a sequence of HTML code and widgets may be used to customize the page.

In the fourth step, one can set the advanced settings, as the settings for the blog, the shopping cart to build up an e-commerce, managing registered users and more.

In the final step one can export the project via FTP or store it in an external hard disk. For those who do not have webhosting, Incomedia provides its users with a free year web hosting pack supplied by, which is fully compatible with all the functions of the software. Incomedia’s WebSite X5 released also other versions of the software: the Compact and the Smart version.

WebSite X5 Evolution 9 is a great software for people with no programming skills and, thanks to its advanced functions, it is also tailored for high programming profiles.

WebSite X5 is very easy to use and extremely straightforward. By following the five easy steps it is possible to create professional and eye-catching websites, in few minutes and ready to be uploaded.