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best app for me

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It really helps with traffic and creates a route avoiding red lights and police. highly recommended especially in chaotic places


Extremely useful for avoiding traffic

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I was an early adopter of the app because in essence is sounded like a really good idea. Then I became a little weary and discontinued its usage, until I recently started using it again. Waze 2.0 really works wonders, saves me a lot of time by giving me short cuts (or rather, less congested routes) and actually makes me enjoy driving just so much more. If you get stressed when driving because of the constant stops, I'd recommend using it.


Useful script for the FireFox-AddOn GreaseMonkey

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A very useful script for the FireFox-AddOn GreaseMonkey is available for the old Waze map editor:



A great & unique navigation app with a splendid future

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A great and unique navigation application with a very big future
I tested WAZE and I think, this application has sensational possibilities in the future, similar as wikipedia, where also thousands of persons contributed to a very big information database with a very good quality.
I can imagine, that in one year waze has a better database information status than commercial navigation systems, which are not able to actualize the geographical data as quick as waze with thousands of contributors.
It is the only navigation system worldwide, where a user can add, edit and correct new roads or points of interest very quickly. It works very good and it makes fun to work with Waze.
I am very fascinated from waze and see a big future for it, also for extended purposes, e.g. car pooling or driving communities in the future, maybe with a system of points for inviting people in my car or commuting in the cars of other people after a waze-communicated invitation.

Comment by Aas
about Waze · Jun 2011 ·

I don't get it. Waze is wasting effort of their users and then when it becomes useful, "according to their business model" will just charge them a fee? that's ridiculous. I thought "finally a good idea. But I was very wrong. :-(

Comment by pigphish
about Waze · Jun 2011 ·

Great full featured gps turn by turn navigation.
Integrates police traps, traffic and a gps.
Google local search feature works very well.

It's buggy and locks up my phone often.
Rarely finds addresses