VyprVPN Reviews

all vyprvpn traffic is filtered. AVOID

Negative Review by KillAdwareDevelopers
about VyprVPN Apr 2016

vyprvpn is not suitable to protect your privacy.

"free" trial requires payment method.

Outbound link from AlternativeTO creates an affiliate URL. Not cool.


Very impressed!

Positive Review by Mills
about VyprVPN Aug 2014

I use vypr to improve my Netflix streaming and to access the BBC iPlayer. Both work like a charm. Like one of the other reviewers here said, it's very fast for a vpn service. I noticed the previous comment mentions logging. When I signed up with vypr I read their VPN myths section on their website. It pretty much confirms what I thought in that nobody is anonymous online. It's refreshing to see a vpn company come clean about what the service can and can't do. I've noticed a few of the other big providers have stopped promoting themselves as anonymous now.


Good, but expensive

Positive Review by locust
about VyprVPN and Dump Truck May 2013

VyprVPN offers a fast, reliable and easy to use VPN service. There aren't any restrictions in protocols, speed or bandwidth. The support is extremely fast too. VyprVPN has become a lot better since the last edit of this review. Their products aren't that expensive anymore, and you also get the option to pay annually - which obviously makes it so much cheaper. The NAT-Firewall is also integrated in the plan now and you're allowed to connect via two clients with the Pro Plan (which is the most used plan; including OpenVPN). Even the Desktop-Client (Windows) now looks and behaves just beautiful.

What's really unique at Golden Frog's is their new (proprietary) Chameleon protocol. With that enabled, websites can't recognize that you're using a VPN - this makes it, for instance, possible to bypass the Chinese Firewall. And last but not least you also get some free gigabytes cloud storage with Dump Truck, but I can't tell you how good that service is, as I rarely use it.

So overall they now offer an excellent service that is worth to be paid. They killed nearly every disadvantage that I've criticized before.

[Edited by locust, May 31]