VSDC Video Editor Reviews

The best video editing software -1 Helpful

Positive Review by lerapisareva
about VSDC Video Editor Feb 2017

I'm enjoying my experience with VSDC. It hasn't got any bundleware as it's specified in tags. The features are complete and the editor is very intuitive, it supports all popular formats, and in the latest version, export 4k videos is available. In my opinion, it's one of the best editing options among freeware.


Not recommended for large-scale editing projects. 1 Helpful

Review by mikalhvi
about VSDC Video Editor Jul 2016

If you want to slap some music on a still slideshow of your summer vacation, this'll probably do what you need. In my case, it didn't do what I needed at all. I've been looking for an alternative to what I was using to do high-resolution gameplay footage edits, and to be able to scrub through the video timeline to sync, edit, or add in both music and voice-overs. This thing crashed on first use for me. Haven't tried to mess with it since.


A good solution for advanced video editing

Positive Review by anastasiakhapova
about VSDC Video Editor Jun 2016

I've been using VSDC Free Video Editor since version 3.3.5. (together with Sony Vegas and GoPro Studio) and I should acknowledge that this free editor is worth trying as a good alternative to commercial projects. It's strong point is its advanced tookit elaborated to fulfill the majority of editing tasks; its's weak point is a lack of 100% stability.


Not bad, but...

Review by AdmiralJaden
about VSDC Video Editor Apr 2016

It's preview capabilities (or lack thereof) are horrible at best. It literally uses what looks like windows media player in order to render and preview your video, this leads to slow rendering, and misplaced audio, causing you to either not be able to effectively change video positioning based on sound (like for an intro), or causing other unforeseeable problems when you go to render your finished product. There've been a number of times where I though I was finished with editing (after 6 hours, mind you), only to have to start over because the software didn't show me a problem that would have been caught in other editors.

The latest project I'm working on, demands strict editing, and unfortunately, between the insanely long render times, and the lack of power behind the previewer, I've had enough, and have decided to try to find another editor entirely that doesn't have these issues.


been using it for years 1 Helpful

Positive Review by tvgoing1
about VSDC Video Editor May 2015

i been using this program for years and it works a whole lot better than windows movie maker. the best part is that its free and does not take a lot of space on the computer. it can place the image anywhere i want and it has many things to help make it better. i would highly recommend this to many people.