Volume2 Reviews

It's missing something

Positive Review by Archkain
about Volume2 and Power mixer Dec 2015

Pretty cool for : (for me) his overlay/OSD, scrolling change volume
but has not its own mixer, little bit that of Power mixer :((


Excellent, up-to-date, and excellent flexibility

Positive Review by coryroberts
about Volume2 Jan 2015

The programs works well and the vast amount of settings available to customize it 100% is icing on the cake!


Better than 3RVX.

Positive Review by SaintlyMic
about Volume2 Oct 2012

I have used 3RVX for a long time now, and at first it was great.
However, after a few months 3RVX became unstable and caused Windows NET.FRAMEWORK error messages to pop up.
The 3RVX website has been under maintenance since forever, so there is no support at all.

I performed a search for 3RVX and found this website (alternativeto.net), which has alternate OSD volume control programs.
I saw this program (Volume2), and decided to give it a try.
Volume2 is far better than 3RVX, doesn't mess up the NET.FRAMEWORK Windows program, and doesn't pop up error messages.

Volume2 is more customizable than 3RVX, and is much easier to set up.
Volume2 is also portable, which is great too.
I suggest Volume2 for anyone running Windows!