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  • Volumouse icon


    From authors website: Volumouse provides you a quick and easy way to control the sound volume on your system - simply by rolling...

    Free Windows

  • 3RVX icon


    3RVX is a skinnable volume display and controller. It shows your sound volume level with its on-screen display (OSD) and also allows...

    Open Source Windows

  • EarTrumpet icon


    Ear Trumpet - Volume Control for Windows Supported operating systems Windows 10 Credits David Golden (@GoldenTao) Rafael...

    Open Source Windows

  • Sound Lock icon

    Sound Lock

    Sound Lock allows you to limit the volume of your playback by detecting the loudness and lowering it to the level you have set.

    Free Windows

  • A-Volume Widget icon

    A-Volume Widget

    A floating volume control to help those that have lost the use of their hard volume keys. It will stay on the screen the whole time...

    Free Android

  • Power mixer

    Power Mixer is a complete Windows volume control replacement. It includes audio mixer, scheduler, hot keys support, command line...

    Freemium Windows

  • Volwheel icon


    VolWheel is a little application which lets you control the sound volume easily through a tray icon you can scroll on. It is written...

    Open Source Linux

  • Volume Icon icon

    Volume Icon

    Volume Icon aims to be a lightweight volume control that sits in your systray. It is often used in conjuction with the lightweight...

    Open Source Linux

  • Volti icon


    Volti is an GTK+ application for controlling audio volume from system tray/notification area.

    Open Source Linux

  • Sound Volume Hotkeys icon

    Sound Volume Hotkeys

    This tool allows to control sound volume using system-wide hotkeys. Customizable on-screen sound volume indicator will show you the...

    Free Windows

  • Audio Sliders icon

    Audio Sliders

    Audio Sliders is a audio control panel that is much smaller than and yet far more feature-rich than the standard Windows version....

    Freemium Windows

  • AppleWirelessKeyboard

    AppleWirelessKeyboard is a small utility program for Windows that adds beautiful semitransparent overlays functions to otherwise dead...

    Free Windows

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  • Ear Candy icon

    Ear Candy Discontinued

    Ear Candy is a sound level manager that nicely fades applications in and out based on their profile and window focus. What works...

    Open Source Linux

  • iVol icon

    iVol Discontinued

    iVol is a program you can use to adjust the sound volume of your computer in an extremely easy way. Just press your mouse wheel and...

    Free Mac Windows

  • Volume Scroll icon

    Volume Scroll

    Volume Scroll lets you control your main volume by hovering with your mouse cursor over the top menubar and scrolling up or down to...

    Free Mac

Volume2 Comments

Absolutely amazing

Positive Comment by pino76
about Volume2 Sep 2016

I'd like to thank the developer of this app, he has developed it into perfection. I had been using the VolumeMouse for years but this exceeds everything. It looks great, it works great and it has all the options you can ever wish for.


It looks nice.

Comment by Tidaka
about Volume2 Sep 2015

I installed it, chose English but it is in a different language. If i could switch it to English I'd love to try it out.


occasional opening of Start menu in Windows 7

Negative Comment by Tag
about Volume2 Dec 2014

This software caused occasional opening of Start menu in Windows 7 and because of that it was uninstalled from my system.


Was good at first...

Negative Comment by EricGooch
about Volume2 Sep 2014

I loved Volume2 when I first found it and tried it. It had a ton of options and worked well. Unfortunately, over time I've noticed that it frequently just stops responding. The task is still running, and the taskbar icon is still there, but there's no volume adjustment.

I've had to repeatedly kill the task and restart it, and I'm lookingh for something more stable than that. 8(


Volume2 is better than 3RVX.

Positive Comment by SaintlyMic
about Volume2 Oct 2012

Volume2 works better than 3RVX.
3RVX causes NET.FRAMEWORK error messages.


Best at what it does, for simple setup

Positive Comment by openidsux
about Volume2 and 3RVX Nov 2011

Better than 3RVX, which would sometimes show start menu instead of hot key working. Alt-tabbing would fix that problem, but Volume2 doesn't have any problems like this, and is much more customizable.

Tried AutoHotKey as well, and just didn't work out of box with the sample script on Win 7.

Have to change language in the 2nd option panel down from Russion (I suppose) to English.