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Plays just about anything that you can imagine and anything that you throw at it. Though I am still waiting for 4k support, it is still the media player in my machine. This is my default player and software for all of my media files. Lot's of options and you can customize it to the way that you want. I love how you can set the color, font, size, and positioning of the subtitles. Highly recommended!

Comment by yugalsaluja
about VLC Media Player · Jul 2017 ·

Plays every kind of multimedia codecs as well subtitles. Plus you can play DVD and download subtitles using the app...
for me its simply awesome


VLC Player

about VLC Media Player · ·

Fast and easy to use. It also opens each file


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Comment by lunolas
about VLC Media Player · Jul 2017 ·

Excellent, fast and small media player, no codecs needed!

Comment by sylain
about VLC Media Player · May 2017 ·

Very versatile software with lots of feature

Comment by chinchilla
about VLC Media Player · Mar 2017 ·

Multi-platform and opens lots of files. Can integrate with last.fm.


VLC is a hero. It's the most customizable. But MPV is faster.

about VLC Media Player and MPV · · 2 Helpful

VLC media is a standard-setter for cross-platform, open-source, reliable, dependable, configurable media players. No doubt.
Except one tiny thing: Recently... VLC has gotten slow. Slow on Mac, slow on Linux, and... a little (not much) on Windows. (At least Windows 10.)
VLC deserves respect of a kind very few apps do. It's free, open source AND... at the time of writing (5th March 2017) it's beating Dropbox (nasty sh*t that that is - and it is, trust me!) as the most popular app for Windows on this site. That takes some doing. It really does.
But... here's the thing...: If ultimate customizability isn't so important to you, try MPV. Like VLC, MPV is open source, free and all the rest. But it's likely to load faster and play your thing with fewer glitches and hitches. Until you need the subtitles to be 5 pixels from the left edge of the screen and 8 ms offset from the audio. Then it's back to VLC.


Gread mediaplayer, old UI

about VLC Media Player · · 3 Helpful

User interface looks and feels old but the player itself is great, plays most videos out of the box, has many useful features and so on



about VLC Media Player · · 1 Helpful

It's being popular because of it's simplicity yet you don't need to install anything other than the media player itself, supports almost all subtitle types and codecs. It supports Android and Windows 10 too!
A good interface and audio quality may be not the best one out there, but I'm just using it for watching movies, videos, and my track project samples.


Very lightweight and dependable

about VLC Media Player · ·

Never crashed on me
Doesn't take up much resources
What more can you ask? :)


Great Example Of Free Done Right

about VLC Media Player · ·

This program is free and doesn't play any tricks in terms of a silly model or anything. You just use it. Unlike other free programs too like GIMP or Audacity (well ok, less so Audacity) this program is sort of the definitive media player in my opinion. It has a lot of great customization features. My only real gripe is that they work on their mobile apps.


Gotta love VLC for video streaming and playing

about VLC Media Player · ·

I love VLC. Still do not know why they are using a construction pylon for their logo, but VLC plays all of my audio and video. And it is 100% free. There are no more useful alternatives to VLC.

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VLC Is King!

about VLC Media Player · ·

In terms of playing FLAC audio and high quality video files, no program touches VLC in terms of feature set and performance.


Not bad, but not great.

about VLC Media Player · ·

The keyword - ALMOST everything. Note, that NOT everything. I don't like it. There are a long list of apps with more comfortable interface, and you know, I like them much more. I have VLC on my computer and realize that I never use it.

@PabloRe: Name what would be "everything" for you. It will be much more useful for this community if you provided examples (i.e. files that cannot be reproduced, missing functionalities, lack of plugins, etc).
"I don't like it/I never use it" doesn't tell us much about VLC.

And the words "I love it" means for you a lot? :)))

Well, I love it. Just had used to it and like. That all I may say. No examples of good playing would be :)))

I don't like either. The design, logo, interface - not my app...

There is a simple fact: VLC would play anything you throw at it.