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Not bad, but not great.

Review by PabloRe about VLC Media Player Sep 2015

The keyword - ALMOST everything. Note, that NOT everything. I don't like it. There are a long list of apps with more comfortable interface, and you know, I like them much more. I have VLC on my computer and realize that I never use it.


@PabloRe: Name what would be "everything" for you. It will be much more useful for this community if you provided examples (i.e. files that cannot be reproduced, missing functionalities, lack of plugins, etc).
"I don't like it/I never use it" doesn't tell us much about VLC.


And the words "I love it" means for you a lot? :)))

Well, I love it. Just had used to it and like. That all I may say. No examples of good playing would be :)))


I don't like either. The design, logo, interface - not my app...


There is a simple fact: VLC would play anything you throw at it.


Very lightweight and dependable

Review by Behemoth665 about VLC Media Player Apr 2016

Never crashed on me
Doesn't take up much resources
What more can you ask? :)


Great Example Of Free Done Right

Positive Review by MeganInIT about VLC Media Player Apr 2016

This program is free and doesn't play any tricks in terms of a silly model or anything. You just use it. Unlike other free programs too like GIMP or Audacity (well ok, less so Audacity) this program is sort of the definitive media player in my opinion. It has a lot of great customization features. My only real gripe is that they work on their mobile apps.


The only video player I'll need

Positive Review by Jynto about VLC Media Player Apr 2012

It plays almost everything, including DVDs. And it's free. What more could you want?


Gotta love VLC for video streaming and playing

Positive Review by kaiwiapa about VLC Media Player Mar 2016

I love VLC. Still do not know why they are using a construction pylon for their logo, but VLC plays all of my audio and video. And it is 100% free. There are no more useful alternatives to VLC.

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VLC Is King!

Positive Review by BloodyBogart about VLC Media Player Feb 2016

In terms of playing FLAC audio and high quality video files, no program touches VLC in terms of feature set and performance.


VLC forever

Positive Review by ironfists about VLC Media Player May 2015

Love you dev team for giving us this versatile solution


F***** great

Positive Review by daemontiar about VLC Media Player Apr 2015

I love this ...plays almost any damn thing


VLC don't have alternative

Positive Review by alsed about VLC Media Player Feb 2015

In my opinion VLC don't have an alternative. Why? Because none of the players don't offer such a wide variety of functions and stability. VLC has one of the best ratio how slow(old)computer is and how good movie can it be played.


GOM Player is more lightweight

Negative Review by Venom88 about VLC Media Player and GOM Media Player, Oct 2010

I don't like VLC anymore :(
VLC always crashes when I try to read a CD or a DVD (at least on my notebook and on the desktop).

Now I'm trying GOM Player which is more lightweight too.


I think that GOM Player is a good alternative to VLC: it can open a lot of formats like VLC, regarding the installation it's smaller (GOM Player about 20 MB, VLC 77MB http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/7497/confronto.png ).

It's a pity GOM Player isn't multilanguage :(


MPC-HC is the most lightweight though.
And is multi language!