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VLC Media Player

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework.

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Android Tablet
  • BSD
  • Windows Phone
  • iPad
  • Kindle Fire
  • Haiku
  • Xfce

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.


Simple, fast and powerful media player. More Info »

Plays everything: Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices and Streams. More Info »

Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed:
MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3...

Runs on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix...

Completely Free, no spyware, no ads and no user tracking.

Can do media conversion and streaming.

User Interface in more than 75 languages available.
Space demand on hard disk: 110 MB.
More Info »

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VLC Media Player (sometimes referred to as VLC, VideoLAN Media Player) was added by Mogelfar in Feb 2009 and the lastest update was made in Sep 2015. There is a history of activites on VLC Media Player in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on VLC Media Player or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. If you want a nice widget to put on your website check these out.

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Never liked VLC, but...

Comment by SpiderMan about VLC Media Player Also mentioning: Microsoft OneDrive Jul 2015

The Modern (or Metro) version for Windows is great! I especially like the possibility to stream music from OneDrive. What I really miss is an option to pause video by clicking on it.





Negative Comment by moreo77 about VLC Media Player Jul 2015

Why is this so popular? Go get KXplayer please! :)



Positive Comment by manuellazzari about VLC Media Player Jun 2015

Can't live without VideoLAN


LMAO, no previews in lists...I need to use Irfanview...

[Edited by AnonA2PL, May 23]


Cant imagine my pc without this


I like it a lot

Positive Comment by StevenC about VLC Media Player Nov 2014

VLC will make you angry for its boring visualizations and poor adaptation to the skins ... Two things that - ultimately - are not so important.

My advice is to use the default ones to see how VLC is completely stable and economical in the use of resources. In which VLC shows all his power is in the streaming and playback of videos of every kind and in any medium. More than 175 million downloads of the version 1x attest to why it is the favorite among those who know how to pick the best.


Used VLC for years. But, for some reason over this past year on three different computers VLC crashes when trying to play certain files. I have uninstalled and re-installed and even tried reverting to older versions but still have the same problems. I use Tuneup Utilities to clean and defrag my registry so maybe it is an issue there. Started using KMP and I will never go back. It is a little resource heavy but plays great and the apps and features are really nice. I will still use VLC for audio as I like the built in equalizer and playlist setup but will use KMP for all of my video needs. I highly recommend it!


Good one

Positive Comment by impossible about VLC Media Player Also mentioning: SMPlayer Aug 2013

Used for some years, its a good player, plays all my music, playlists, movies, etc. Its time I moved on and saw other options and I think there may be better ones out there. This is an old project.


Annnnd... it's here.

Now I just need to get an iPad. XD


I've tried different software to make screen caps from video but keep coming back to VLC. Now I'm trying to make captures from a high quality 1080p source but no matter how I set the defaults, the rate of screencaps per second is extremely slow. Is there any solution for this, or is that just the price I pay for using an HQ source? Most of the other software that I've tried has sync issues between audio and video after making a few screencaps. I tried GOM and it was OK but it gave me a really nasty malware even though I downloaded it from a respected source.

I'd appreciate any recommendations.



VLC Player, was found to be vulnerable to a remote hijack. (2008)
The version affected was .8.x but I have not trusted it since.
It also hijacked all my file associations, and after uninstalling it, they were not restored,
making it malware. This was very difficult to repair.
It is also complicated and very weird.
I recommend MPC (version 6x) instead. The MPC-HC version (newer) might be better for some people.


@fixitmanarizona, MPC 6.x is actually vulnerable to a buffer overflow in its AVI decoder so you shouldn't advise people to use that either. MPC-HC doesn't have any known vulns.

Also, not restoring your file associations doesn't make a piece of software "malware", it's inconsiderate at worst but certainly not malicious.


@fixitmanarizona I must agree with bitplane on this, as for file associations that happens with a lot of "good" software.
Sometimes it's a registry problem or even a bad installation of the software but its doesn't make it malware.
I use MPC-HC but a bad installation of it can also mess up a computer, It happen to me and I'm not new to computers.
Tks for the comment, people should always know about these bugs and problems.


I never use AVI so I was not aware of this. I mostly use the MPC-HC now, however.
Thank you for the correction. I agree, you have to be very careful installing software that will change file associations on Windows, as well. The problem with older versions of VLC was that you had no option upon installation, hopefully that has been corrected and you can now select ONLY the associations you want, after install, and they are reversible.



Positive Comment by Xavjer about VLC Media Player Mar 2012