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Great Scheduler and so much more!

Positive Review by iainmorris
about VisualCron Jul 2016

We've used VisualCron for 3+ years now and runs all the scheduling and file arrival events on our Windows server. It is easy to create jobs and tasks and has a lot more functionality than what we use. Support has been quick when we have needed it, but that has been rare. Updates are regular and they always seem to anticipate our needs before we need to ask. All around great tool and we couldn't work without it!


Simply no alternative

Positive Review by mpnieland
about VisualCron Jul 2016

I have been using VisualCron now for 5+ years at two different companies and at home for personal automation needs. There simply is no alternative that matches the price and level of features VC provides in a scheduler. Their development is active, support is responsive, and they even add features that you request to constantly improve the product. It goes way beyond what a normal scheduler should do but it also does what a scheduler should do very well. Between native tasks that make it easy for non-developers to automate tedious tasks to a rich C# API that opens up avenues for devs to do some powerful things, it stands alone.

VisualCron has made my life easier at two different company roles and it can surely help you with any automated tasks you need for a much cheaper price than most enterprise products. It does have a bit of a learning curve with the software but the documentation is pretty good and support is terrific to get you going. Once you try it you'll wonder why you ever used the default Task Scheduler windows provides.


Great scheduling tool - runs all critical overnight processes

Positive Review by mannyneupane
about VisualCron Jul 2016

I've been using Visual Cron in an enterprise environment for over 7 years. This is an amazing solution for the price point. Continuous development and addition of new features makes this tool well worth the investment. I'd recommend this scheduling tool for any enterprise environment.


Reliable and feature-rich

Positive Review by BenGraham
about VisualCron Jul 2016

We've been using Visual Cron in a production environment for over two years. It's been quite solid for us, and is a very reliable piece of software. Because it has so many features it can have a bit of a learning curve, but let's face it - this isn't an application for managing your photo library - it's an enterprise-class client-server task scheduling and automation suite.

Early on during initial setup we had an issue and reported it as a feature request and it was dealt with quickly and made it into the next release. The developers are actively working on the product and new features come out regularly. We've had very few issues with it. We selected VC because it was the only alternative to Scheduled Tasks that was actually written as a Windows native app. Everything else we reviewed was run from a Java VM and all the help docs were written for *nix users. Installation instructions, etc. would end with "note, process may be different for Windows users" or something similar.

We have many scheduled tasks, as well as on-demand tasks and even tasks triggered from a monitored email inbox, allowing non-developers to send commands to our VC server without installing the client. Like I said, full-featured.


A backbone component of our entire operation

Positive Review by keithdavis
about VisualCron Jul 2016

We have been using VisualCron for a long time. Hard to even say how long, but I would guess about 7 years, for most of that we've had a site-license. The product is rock-solid and has a ridiculous amount of versatility. In fact, I bet we have not used 10% of the various types of tasks it can complete, and we use the product on every single server and most IT workstations to schedule everything from backups and file syncing, to automating checks for our file systems and user data. In fact, it serves as our queue processor for our web server! Henrik is a fantastic developer and has always been very helpful when we needed support or requested changes. Couldn't imagine running an IT department without it!



Positive Review by attaboyp
about VisualCron Jul 2016

I have been using Visualcron for two years extensively in a production environment. I highly recommend this program.


Magic peace of Software

Positive Review by vc
about VisualCron Jul 2016

We use Visualcron as our main job and process automation tasks.
We automate standard it processes like zip and archive logfiles.
Even more Visualcron is a backbone for business processes connecting webrequests print jobs sending and processing Emails
Currently we have around 300 jobs active performing a few millions tasks a day.
Average memory is around 800 MB.

The gui is quite slow now, the server is still running nicely.

Bugfixing and new feature come fast.

One of the most valuable pieces of Software.


An early look at this software.

Review by blaxus
about VisualCron and Action(s), WinAutomation, AutoIt Mar 2014

I think this is a cool software, it's got a lot of unique things that allows it to do a lot of things, for example it can monitor RSS feeds. Which is something rather hard to do with applications like AutoIt, Actions or WinAutomation, and there are a lot more uses for this software.

This software does come with some very weird quirks. Variables don't seem to work very well. I also have been having issues with the SQL insert statement I.E. there seems to be no way to escape the data, which is a little strange.

Though I managed to solve it by using a webhook system instead. (Do note that that requires a 24/7 server to be online to make this work properly, making it more of a hack considering it has the ability to do SQL statements)

Also the GUI is a little wonky, sometimes windows hide behind others that have no focus. Or opening dialogs open far away from the main window. And this is especially noticeable when you have multiple monitors like I do. Many applications don't have this issue. This one does, which makes you wonder how they designed it.

I'm very surprised with how well this software works, but has it's quirks. And lest not forget that the documentation is all over the place, support is limited and the tutorial prove that something should work, but then seems to not work when you try it out yourself.

Perhaps Trial limitations, I don't know. I just wish this software would have some time to grow. Because this would be very useful to me. It's not bad, but not good either. I'm neutral, but rooting for it.

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[Edited by blaxus, March 15]