This application has been discontinued
Last version, 4.3, was released on July 2008, but it is still downloadable.


Vista Rainbar

Free by Gavatx |

Vista Rainbar is a Windows Sidebar clone for Rainmeter. Entirely free and easy for using, this sidebar, whose you can change the background between around ten choice, offers many gadgets such as clock, calendar, RSS feeds, weather... with the possibility, for most of them, to customize settings and skins... More info »

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  • Our admins has flagged this application as 'suspicious'. Be careful if you decide to try it. More info: I found a lot of critical links about this app on Google. This weblinks suggest installing anti-malwares (spyhunter for the example) which have too a very bad reputation.Pokki is potentially a pathetical malware, which takes a lot of memory and capacity of the disk. Verified : my disk reaches 100% and freezes all the time when I restarted my computer for the third time. I checked my task manager and Pokki was the culprit...

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    Windows Sidebar

    Free by Microsoft |

    (Due to a security vulnerability, it is recommended to turn off Sidebar and Gadgets.) Windows Sidebar is a long, vertical bar that is displayed on the side of your desktop. It contains mini-programs called...

  • 4

    Microsoft Gadgets

    Free by Microsoft Corporation |

    (Due to a security vulnerability, it is recommended to turn off Gadgets.) Microsoft Gadgets are light-weight single-purpose applications that can sit on the users computer desktop, or are hosted on a web...

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    Thoosje Sevenbar

    Free by Thoosje |

    Thoosje Sevenbar has gadgets like media players, google search, yahoo search and lots of more search engines. It has also Windows 7 sidebar gadgets like weather and system uptime and lots of more useful...

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    Open Sidebar

    Open Source by Miguel A. Cruz Cóndor |

    Open Sidebar is a vertical bar on your Windows Desktop that helps you keep your gadgets organized. This project is written on C#.

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