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It is #1, could be better tho

Positive Review by dksvertix
about VisiPics Jan 2013

It's freeware, old, but it can do the job, if you keep the picture amount small enough so VisiPics couldn't reach the ceiling of 2 GB of memory usage to finally crash and loose all process and make you start all over, with lower amounts of data.

It finds ALL duplicates. It has issues with displaying pictures with transparency - they appear garbled. There are so many things that could be better, for e.g. memory usage, proper picture viewer for comparing, but the author hasn't bothered with this tool since 2007. But it does find ALL duplicates.

Somebody do us a favor and do something with this tool - either make it open-source, buy the source code from author or make a clone of this tool and then listen to what users suggest could be better. We seriously need now something that can process 100 000+ pictures and fast(er).