Virtual Router Reviews

Simple and awesome

Positive Review by PROPHET
about Virtual Router Apr 2015

Windows 8.1 here, works perfectly.
All you have to do is to select the connection you want to share and that's it.


Very simple but dose not work with windows 8.1

Negative Review by Sharif
about Virtual Router Mar 2015

too many errors and problems with windows 8.1

if you try to use it, I advice you do not, dose not worth the download time.


Simpler than connectify, but maybe too much

Review by ruimiranda
about Virtual Router Apr 2014

Much simpler and fast to use than connectify, but a minimize to tray option is in flagrant need.
Also sometimes, connected devices take a long time to acquire an IP address.
In sum, there are some tweeks to be made, but there are also good foundations.


Much simpler then Connectify

Positive Review by Ola
about Virtual Router and Connectify Hotspot Sep 2011

I have used Connectify before but it's kind of complex and it also seems to do something that mess with sleep mode on Windows. I don't know if this app also does that but i will let you know in that case. Anyway i really like this. It's just a click of a button and then your done.