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You look at that!

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I personally am a big fan of Dropbox, have been using it for ages. But, my boss didn't want it in the office, we stumbled on this cloud service from the Netherlands and were quite surprised with the features it offers.

- Admin Interface offers a lot of policies
- No speed limits
- Good support

- Interface could be more intuitive
- No document editing online



Ideal for those looking for European storage

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I work at a Dutch company, naturally we were looking for Dutch Cloud provider. The most appealing factor for us, was the data being stored in Netherlands. We take document confidentiality seriously, so that was a must have. We only miss online editing when we moved into vBoxxCloud, we were using OneDrive but we were having far too many sync issues. We were told that it's coming before the end of the year, I really hope so as it would make this little service even more powerful.


It's getting better!

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We have tried vBoxxCloud last year, and while it offered some interesting features, it was missing Selective Sync. It was an essential feature for us, this year we gave vBoxxCloud another shot, after they announced Selective Sync. Not only is the service reliable (we have had some issues with Dropbox) but it seems that its being updated more frequently. I am told that online editing is coming soon, which would be a great addition.


Reliable File Sync & Share Solution

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We started a trial at the beginning of the year, the interface was not very pleasing to the eyes but the features that vBoxxCloud offers beat many other Cloud services out there. There is a learning curve at the beginning, but the staff is extremely helpful, during the trial they have offered a demonstration and were very supportive in finding a solution for our organization.

We were looking for a Cloud solution located in Europe and more importantly one that allowed us to organize our data in a secure way. With vBoxxCloud we could set up an organization structure with different departments, as well as how users would access these folders. Their tool is updated more often than I would expect, and just recently they have introduced web preview and more security steps against Ransomware.

It's not the most popular tool, but it is definitely a good alternative to the likes of Dropbox for Business and OneDrive for Business, services we had issues with.


Most advanced Business Sync

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Company: vBoxx
Location: The Netherlands
Data storage: The Netherlands

+ Impressive monitoring tools
+ Remote wipe for all: org/user/system/device/folders
+ Nice alerting system
+ Works with multi level organization tree
+ Easy branding
+ Good controlling features
+ Data and company is located in European Union
+ Revisions

- No selective Sync except root
- Not a lot of free storage
- On premises only for 100 users or more

vBoxxCloud is a purely Business minded Sync Solution. The options it gives are not needed for single users, although it might be reassuring that your data is not scanned nor can the NSA request access to it as both the company and the data are not located in the US.

vBoxxCloud has a simple Sync tool that can be downloaded when logged in to the webportal https://web.vboxx.nl . The Sync tool is available for all platforms and has an Outlook plugin for adding links to files that are actually in your Cloud, either by direct hyperlink or by automatically creating a "Guest user"(free & unlimited) for password protection.

Once a Sync Tool is installed and registered by a user (email+password) the admin will be able to control the device, user and data from the web portal.
The webportal has a lot of controlling features for admins that can be used to manage and monitor everything within the organization.

Underneath is an image that the admin sees when logged in to the webportal.
Admin interface

In the webportal lays the strength of vBoxxCloud.
Here you have a lot of buttons you should expect for managing a business from above.

Dashboard - Overview of all storage/user/bandwith used/ recent activities/ etc.
Accounts - This gives an overview of all accounts that can be clicked on to get a colplete view of all the systems/devices connect by the account,
Guests - List of all gest users that can access your organization and shows to what folder they have access
Machines - List of all machines with: connected users/version sync tool/sync status/ live feed of files that are synced
Shares - Overview of special folders that can be shared to users and even their specific systems/devices. This means you can give a user access to a folder on a specific device! So the folder will not show if the user installs the sync tool at home.
Backups - Create backups with sync. Select any folder that you want to sync to your vboxxcloud account.
Activity - Get a detailed list of all activity made in a folder. Time/user/system/file/action
Reports - Create generated .Pdf reports that will show data for a any amount of time and choose the frequency you want to receive them in your email. You can choose what data you want to see in your .Pdf activities/bandwidth per user/data per user/sync tool status/ etc.
Settings - Manage policies like retention time/max file size/bandwidth max/storage/extension exclusions/and a lot more. Here you can also connect to your Active Directory and if you like your email server. Here is also the branding option where you can upload an icon/logo(web)/splashlogo(devices) and name your installer and root sync folder and your installer Terms of agreement.

Organization levels
On the left you can manage your organization tree. Where you can create sub-organizations.
Every organization can have it's own admins that can only administer downwards in the org tree. Each organization can have it's own policies/branding/users/folders/and so own..
This concept gives great security options because you can store your most important folders at the highest organization that only a select group of users can manage and maybe even require a 2 way authentication policy there. While the lower orgs are perfect for dynamic teams with their own administrator.

vBoxxCloud has a lot off great features but to their values you might need to take some time. vBoxxCloud has a different approach then most other Storage solutions by adding an organization tree instead of only folders or teams that can be shared.

Overall vBoxxCloud is really worth looking into and just ask them questions if you have specific needs as they reply pretty fast.

Good luck on your search for a fitting solution!