Valentina Studio Reviews


Negative Review by CeesT
about Valentina Studio and Postico 23 hours ago

As in "free for half an hour" or some such. I was working on a new table when Valentina Studio informed me that the demo time limit was up and refused to save my changes. I'll stick with Postico.


The best you can get in Linux and Windows 1 Helpful

Positive Review by cpriego
about Valentina Studio Apr 2017

I always was a little jealous of Sequel Pro in OS X but then I found out about Valentina Studio. The free (as in beer) version is more than enough for my needs. Should I need anything much more advanced I can pay for it. Valentina also proved to be snappier than Heidi SQL. Loving it.


Best Database Admin GUI in Linux 1 Helpful

Positive Review by lebenasa
about Valentina Studio Mar 2017

To be honest, I didn't use much database admin GUI before. But when I saw my colleague running Valentina Studio, I simply can't resist to give it a try. To my surprise, the GUI are pleasant to look at in my Linux Mint KDE. Queries are snappy, and I hardly even do SELECT (in some case also UPDATE) query anymore thanks to Valentina Studio's lightweight and fast table view. I do notice performance drop when opening table view on large table, but once it's opened the filters work just as fast as in small table.