Valentina Studio Reviews

Stopped using this app when they started requiring an account.

Negative Review by shanegrey
about Valentina Studio May 2017

I recently reinstalled it after reloading my OS and found that the Free version requires a serial number to use for longer than 10 minutes.

I didn't remember it requiring a serial last year when I installed it the first time, but the company reminded me here in a comment before I edited this review that it has been that way for a long time, and I found the serial number in an old email account I was using at the time.

It's a minor hassle to have to register for the free version, but the software does work pretty well once setup. My biggest issue with having to register is that I don't like to sign up with my email address for things like this. If I want to buy something from a company later, I'll research it again later and buy it. I don't want them having my email address.

But I understand that companies sometimes think there is little point to providing something for free if they can't even get an email address to do marketing to later for premium products, or to sell to other companies if they wish. That's a choice they can make. And as a user I can decide if giving up a little more privacy is worth it to me.

Before I stopped using it, I considered it to be the best free app available for doing queries and small edits to data. It had some minor bugs, but was overall pretty good.

So, this is a negative review not because the software is bad. It's pretty good. It's negative because I don't like having to give up an email to get a license.

I have gone back to pgModeler which I had used a while ago, but it was lacking some features like the ability to edit data. It was primarily for schema design at the time. Now the developers have added a lot of features including data management, making it a full featured DB design and management app like many of the higher cost options on the commercial market.

But it is Open Source, can be compiled and used for free (or a small fee for pre-compiled binaries if you prefer the convenience) with no strings attached.

I always prefer Open Source when it offers options that are good enough for what I need.


"FREE" -1 Helpful

Negative Review by CeesT
about Valentina Studio and Postico Apr 2017

As in "free for half an hour" or some such. I was working on a new table when Valentina Studio informed me that the demo time limit was up and refused to save my changes. I'll stick with Postico.


The best you can get in Linux and Windows 2 Helpful

Positive Review by cpriego
about Valentina Studio Apr 2017

I always was a little jealous of Sequel Pro in OS X but then I found out about Valentina Studio. The free (as in beer) version is more than enough for my needs. Should I need anything much more advanced I can pay for it. Valentina also proved to be snappier than Heidi SQL. Loving it.


Best Database Admin GUI in Linux 2 Helpful

Positive Review by lebenasa
about Valentina Studio Mar 2017

To be honest, I didn't use much database admin GUI before. But when I saw my colleague running Valentina Studio, I simply can't resist to give it a try. To my surprise, the GUI are pleasant to look at in my Linux Mint KDE. Queries are snappy, and I hardly even do SELECT (in some case also UPDATE) query anymore thanks to Valentina Studio's lightweight and fast table view. I do notice performance drop when opening table view on large table, but once it's opened the filters work just as fast as in small table.