µTorrent Reviews

Comment by mahmuds
about µTorrent · Apr 2017 ·

best way to download for big file...........

Comment by TirOFlanc
about µTorrent · Mar 2017 ·

Simple, sobre et efficace, compatible avec T411 en version 2.2.1 build 25130 sur Windows.


No Filter

about µTorrent · ·

I like this site when I started using it but years after, it was quite really annoying to see more ads and pop-ups. It was disappointing and the way that they don't filter the ads on screen that are inappropriate for some kids.


Use open-source software instead

about µTorrent · · 5 Helpful

While uTorrent is functionally sound software, it's full of ads and other annoyances. You're on AlternativeTo already. Use it! Pick one of the top open-source alternatives, they're all really great and have zero ads or paid upgrades.


RIP µTorrent

about µTorrent · · 2 Helpful

µTorrent was my only Torrent client for many years. But over the time it became a bloated and disgusting adware. I don't see any reason to use it anymore, considering there are lots of good open-source alternatives with better functionality.


I prefer an older version

about µTorrent · · 3 Helpful

This software has seen new features over the years, some of which have been made exclusive to the paid version. I simply use a version that has the features that I want.


Great Way To Share Files

about µTorrent and Google Drive, Dropbox · · 1 Helpful

I've been able to share documents between my home office and work with better speeds than Google Drive or even Dropbox. Gets a bad rep for the AHEM not so legal things people do with it. If you can get past that though it's a great utility.


Functions good as always, but new design is terrible

about µTorrent and BitTorrent · · 1 Helpful

First thing after seeing the new ugly redesign of uTorrent was trying to install its analogue, bitTorrent to use instead. But sadly it now shares the same terrible interface of a unfriendly monster.

Nevertheless I must mention, that both applications function flawlessly and both have configuration options (not always obvious, but still do) turning off the ads and annoying offers in their free versions.


this will be bloated in the future

about µTorrent · · 1 Helpful

we've already seen alot of negative things since the source has closed. It's a shame with the user base that is (soon to be was) could have carried this app into the future. Obviously whoever the owners of uT see it's users and see nothing but $$. what was once about the users is now about greed. If they only had spent some of that $$ on a few leaders that build around the user they would have found a way to increase revenue in an innovative way instead of driving them away in masses. i'll keep my open-source, been using Q-torrent for over a year. and the devs have been doing great where utorrent dropped the ball.

µTorrent has never been open source.


No Longer Micro

about µTorrent · ·

To be blunt:

µTorrent abandoned the concept of being small and lightweight in favor of a more "full suite" style of P2P application. It is simply no longer the dedicated application it once was.

If you adhere to the minimalist doctrine of "Do one thing and do it well," look elsewhere.


Well, what to say...

about µTorrent and Vuze · · 1 Helpful

It was my main Torrent client but since Bittorrent bought µTorrent, it started going the wrong way.

Examples : Apps pane, ads for the "plus" version, proposal to download a promo video and a toolbar on install...and a "vomit green" GUI.

Of course Apps pane and adds for the plus version can be hidden and you can change the skin to have less ugly coloured icons but it's really not what µTorrent was meant to be.

If i recall correctly, Ludde was one the original programmers of µTorrent but it seems that he doesn't take part in the development anymore (i read that on µTorrent forums).

Many feature requests are ignored since a lot of time too.

Not sure how it will end but it makes me think of Azureus/Vuze.Vuze is now bloated with ads. Of course µTorrent is not coded in Java like Vuze but well...µTorrent was way better before Bittorrent bought it.