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  • qBittorrent icon


    The qBittorrent project aims to provide a Free Software alternative to µtorrent. Additionally, qBittorrent runs and provides the same features on all major...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD ... Haiku

    • Open source alternative, actively maintain, and doesn't use your machine as a bitcoin miner InsaneFromEarthJun 2016 Disagree   Agree
    • qBittorrent is far better than uTorrent for the following reasons: 1) It's open source (more trustworthy - you can check the code that it's not reporting/data-mining what you're downloading; 2) Works on all platforms; 3) It's got all the same functionality, perhaps even more. No reason to stay with uTorrent and trust them blindly. JohnFastmanDec 2016 Disagree   Agree
    • Free of adware, open source, fast, simple and very efficient. No doubt. The best. fosfatonitrosoJan 2017 Disagree   Agree
    • It is very fast and has a torrent search from within the application itself ahmad360Jan 2017 Disagree   Agree
    • qBittorrent: GPL, no adware and malware, Linux, BSD, and iOS versions, CLI, HTTP Web seeding, and tracker exchange. KorwinJan 2017 Disagree   Agree
  • Transmission icon


    Transmission has the features you expect in a BitTorrent client: encryption, a web-based interface, peer exchange, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, web seed support...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Haiku ... Xfce

    • Built-in in many linux distro. Simple and excellent. It does not display any advertising. It has speed control and queue manager thallisphpOct 2016 Disagree   Agree
    • Transmission is an easy-to-use, open source torrent client. It's an excellent alternative to uTorrent because it is open source, which means you can have higher confidence in it not violating your privacy, e.g. through reporting what you're downloading. Transmission is as good an alternative as qBittorrent, but has a simpler interface. JohnFastmanNov 2016 Disagree   Agree
    • Doesn't contain a virus and is easy to use. Guest • Jan 2017 Disagree   Agree
  • Deluge icon


    Deluge is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Linux, Unix and Windows. It is written in python, uses libtorrent (rasterbar) at its core and GTK for the main user...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD libtorrent ... Python

    • It's free, doesn´t have ads, works great and it's gorgeous. Guest • Nov 2016 Disagree   Agree
    • I had issues both with uTorrent and qBittorrent. Deluge just works Guest • Dec 2016 Disagree   Agree
    • It is supported for Raspberry Pi, it is simple and good headphoneampFeb 2017 Disagree   Agree
  • Tixati icon


    Tixati is a peer-to-peer file sharing program that uses the popular BitTorrent protocol. This protocol allows many peers to form a cooperative swarm and download very...

    Free Personal Windows Linux

    • Best torrent client available, no crapware, no fuss. Full of features and nice on system resources. Guest • Mar 2016 Disagree   Agree
    • It has a lot of features, very high and accurate control of bandwidth and it doesn't have a single ad. headphoneampFeb 2017 Disagree   Agree
  • aria2 icon


    aria2 is a multi-protocol & multi-source, cross platform download utility. The supported protocols are HTTP(S), FTP, BitTorrent (DHT, PEX, MSE/PE), and Metalink. ...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android Xfce

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  • Tribler icon


    Tribler is an application that enables its users to find, enjoy and share content. With content we mean video, audio, pictures, and much more. Tribler has three goals in...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • FilePizza icon


    Open source application used to transfer file via WebRTC and WebTorrent. Open the website, select a file and get given a link to send to the recipient. For as long as...

    Open Source Web / Cloud Self-Hosted

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  • rTorrent icon


    rtorrent is a BitTorrent client for ncurses, using the libtorrent library. The client and library is written in C++ with emphasis on speed and efficiency, while...

    Open Source Mac Linux BSD

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  • PicoTorrent icon


    PicoTorrent is designed to be a tiny, easy-to-use BitTorrent client with low memory usage.

    Open Source Windows

    • Tiny, super fast, low memory, no ads, no bloat, no crap, actively developed. disfatedMay 2016 Disagree   Agree
    • Very nice, simple and effective. Great for not demanding user and for backup torrent client solution headphoneampFeb 2017 Disagree   Agree
  • Halite icon


    Halite (named after the mineral) is a C++ BitTorrent client based on the excellent libtorrent library from Rasterbar Software. The program also relies heavily on the...

    Open Source Windows libtorrent

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    • Discontinued Last version was released on 19/12/2015, as of 2017 app is still stable and working.
    • Libre piece of code, uses libtorrent as main engine, very light on resources, simple yet sufficiently verbose GUI, no installation needed. AtoshiOct 2016 Disagree   Agree
  • KTorrent icon


    KTorrent is a bittorrent application for KDE which allows you to download files using the BitTorrent protocol. It enables you to run multiple torrents at the same time...

    Open Source Linux BSD

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µTorrent Comments

How can we Download Latest Version of µTorrent Apk

Comment by rajesh55
about µTorrent 7 days ago

You can download latest version of µTorrent Apk file from below link..
µTorrent Apk
guys have a look on above link and do ping me.. Thanks in advance...


too many ads 2 Helpful

Negative Comment by chandrao
about µTorrent Dec 2016

it was once a good site.. but now has many ads, scams and stuff. avoid using it.


You can hide the ads just by changing the settings 3 Helpful

Comment by kip0d
about µTorrent Aug 2016

Follow this easy guide to remove the ads:


no no 5 Helpful

Negative Comment by sebastiandowny
about µTorrent Apr 2016

it used to be a great app but now its horrible, way too many ads and they open automatically. I don't like it anymore


Terrible 4 Helpful

Negative Comment by declanmarks
about µTorrent Apr 2016

uTorrent is terrible now. A few years ago it used to be a great application, but now it is bloated ads everywhere. I switched from uTorrent to Deluge because it was causing 100% CPU usage but have never gone back. I much prefer Deluge.


Autoclicks its own ads 3 Helpful

Negative Comment by armed10
about µTorrent Apr 2016

I don't mind ad-supported, but I do mind getting dating/borderline pornographic ads. Even worse, it clicks on its own ads.


FULL of spywares, avoid at all cost! 5 Helpful

Negative Comment by orangeutan
about µTorrent Mar 2016

slow, many holes and spams


No more Bitcoin miner, but yearly subscription 1 Helpful

Comment by Venom88
about µTorrent Feb 2016

BitTorrent, after being in hot water ever since it offered a Bitcoin miner in uTorrent, promised that it would move away from the bundled software monetization model.
On February 12th it announced that uTorrent Ad-Free, an advertisement free version of the program, will cost $4.95 per year.



All I've ever needed for years. never any problems. if you don't like the ads get the pro version -3 Helpful

Positive Comment by girlwiththenerdytattoo
about µTorrent Oct 2015

All I've ever needed for years. never any problems. if you don't like the ads get the pro version


Just Curious

Comment by realnabarl
about µTorrent Jul 2015

A few years ago some sites give torrents and tell you to use utorrent to get best speed, I tried another bittorrent downloader but it can't download the stuff. So if this situation is still exist we should still use uTorrent, does it still exist?

Well I don't want to stuck on this problem, I just downloaded an portable version and removed the ads. Now the application is just like it was :)

[Edited by realnabarl, July 24]


bloated with ads 1 Helpful

Negative Comment by lukasmuller
about µTorrent Jun 2015

was once the best torrent app, but nowadays it's just adware with the possibility to download torrents. stay away!
Mac users: Get Transmission now!


Just Move On 1 Helpful

Negative Comment by Satuim
about µTorrent May 2015

Crapware and now a Bitcoin Miner!
It maybe possible to remove both. But its honestly time to move on


uTorrent installs crapware ... stay away! Closed source too

Negative Comment by hritcu
about µTorrent and qBittorrent, Deluge, Transmission Mar 2015

Installs crapware ... stay away!

Better open source alternatives out there: Transmission, qBittorrent, Deluge


Complementary bitcoin mining (at your expense!) 1 Helpful

Negative Comment by VitaminYes
about µTorrent Mar 2015

The ads were obnoxious, but this is just absurd and is my final straw with uTorrent