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Ustream Producer

Ustream Producer is an easy and powerful way to stream to your Ustream channel.

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Ustream Producer is an easy and powerful way to stream to your Ustream channel. For beginning users, you can get started right away using your built in webcam and add graphics, videos and music to your broadcast. For more experienced users, the Pro and Studio versions offer many advanced features for pro quality productions, right from your desktop.

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Single Camera Broadcasting
Broadcast from your built-in webcam, a USB webcam or a Firewire-enabled DV camcorder or converter box.

Import Movies, Stills, and Music
Drag and drop functionality allows you to easily add images, video clips and music clips to your broadcast and switch between your media and live shots. In the Pro and Studio versions, you can create layered shots with titles, text, images, video and your live shots.

Record Broadcasts to Ustream
Save your broadcasts for viewing on-demand.

Capture video and audio from programs on your computer or broadcast whatever you are browsing on the web. With Producer 2.0 you can broadcast the screen of any computer that is on your local network, making this computer an additional input source for Producer. If the other computer does not have Producer installed, download Desktop Presenter for free and install this on the computer you would like to use as a source.

HD Broadcasting
With support for HDV cameras and higher bitrate encoding presets, you can broadcast in higher quality than ever before.

Multiple Cameras
With the addition of more USB ports, firewire busses or capture cards, hook up multiple cameras and switch between them for multi-camera productions.

Support for HDV Cameras
This plug-in is an additional $99 for the Pro version, comes included with the Studio version and allows for use of HDV cameras over Firewire.

Titles, Layers, Picture-In-Picture
Add lower third graphics, watermarks, picture in picture with live shots and recorded or screencast content.

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