UptimeRobot Reviews

Free website monitoring, 5 min internval, quick signup, good UI/UX, SMS notification

Positive Review by nyeates
about UptimeRobot and Anturis Nov 2014

Just begun using this, however I like it so far. It is best only for very simple uptime, and ping knowledge of public websites. Not much else.

  • It is free since 2010 - they dont yet know their business model going fwd, but been free for a while now
  • It collects data down to 5 minute intervals
  • Setting up a new acct is 3 fields done in 30 seconds
  • UI/UX is slick and stupid-easy
  • SMS notification built-in

Compared to:
I also compared Pingdom, Port Monitor, New Relic, Zabbix, Splunk
The first two had weak free models - 15 days or not frequent enough monitor intervals. The latter three are overly complex for my needs and Zabbix/Splunk have to be installed on a server you own. Splunk did have a cloud version but the signup was complex and I stopped. New Relic had a 15 day trial and their free version (carefully hidden) only allows on website monitor.