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Worse than Hotfile

Negative Review by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about uploaded.net and Hotfile.com Jun 2011

I used to think that Hotfile was the worst downloads website in all existence, but now I realize that this title belongs to uploaded.to. If you're a downloader, it really really doesn't get any worse than this. Hotfile's 30 minute wait time sucked, but uploaded.to's 60 minute wait time sucks even more. And as far as I know, uploaded.to's standard 50 KB/s is the crappiest downloaded speed in the whole field-- in other words, it's slower than any other major downloads website on the entire web. At least Hotfile is willing to give you up to 250 KB/s. Uploaded.to's wait time of 12 seconds is better than Hotfile's 40 second+ wait time, but at 50 KB/s, does it really matter?

On the other hand, if you're uploading files, uploaded.to isn't half bad. Its affiliate program is a lot better than that of, for example, MegaUpload. MegaUpload pays you $1 per 1000 downloads no matter what, while uploaded.to's lowest possible rate is already around $1.50 per 1000 downloads. In fact, there's actually a good chance that you can earn up to $7 per 1000 downloads (the €30 rate is pretty much impossible to obtain). Uploaded.to is even better than the rather generous affiliate program at Hotfile, which pays about $2 to $5 per 1000 downloads (the actual rate is based on a super confusing scale that no one really understands). So if you're an uploader, uploaded.to can prove to be rather profitable. Assuming you're willing to piss off anybody who ever downloads anything from you.