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Excellent Plugin 2 Helpful

Positive Review by jesusmalverde
about uMatrix Jan 2017

Gorhill's creations are user friendly and bullshit-free.


I love you Gorhill 3 Helpful

Positive Review by errorchan
about uMatrix and uBlock Origin, NoScript Sep 2016

The first add-on I get with a fresh install of a browser.
Completely revamps your idea of what makes a good add-on: it is extremely light, intuitive, configurable, and comprehensive.
You do not want to miss this, and once you step on this train you'll never want to get off.
This is indeed a more interactive add-on than other ad-blockers. So if all you want is an ad-blocker, use [uBlock Origin](Small uBlock Origin iconuBlock Origin), which is by the same author (gorhill) and built similarly, but it can be more of the Install, Configure, Forget type of add-on.
The purpose of uMatrix is its fantastic ability to fine-tune. Do you want to block scripts from a certain site only on certain pages? Do you want to block all ads from a certain site except on certain pages? Block everything except first-party elements? The GUI makes this ridiculously easy to handle, as opposed to [No-Script](Small NoScript iconNoScript) which was the main go-to for FF script disabling prior to the arrival of uMatrix. [Policeman]( ) was an add-on that better paralleled the capabilities of uMatrix, but not the usability and the production value that comes with a larger user-base (it has at the time of this post not been updated for a year).
block ads, block scripts, block images, block/delete cookies, spoof UA
Is this the be all and end all of privacy add-ons?
Try not to cry.
(I did, when I realized it was ported to firefox in 2015)


Great overview and easy to use 3 Helpful

Positive Review by CurtisMosters
about uMatrix and AdBlock Dec 2014

Really great tool for Google Chrome. Nice overview about all the scripts things you can block and doing it temporarly until you save it. Very nice overall.

But just working in Chrome right now. Hopefully soon also in Firefox.

Here is a small German Introduction about that addon:

And as far I have seen it is ad-free compared to AdBlock addon.