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Disaster - Steer Well Clear!

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I've been (sadly) reliant on this software for some time and have only stuck with it because of the collaborative nature by which it is being developed. It is an active forum, but it must be said it's the same few people who report bugs in all the time, of which I was one - very much of the belief that together we could contribute to an awesome application

I'm a huge fan of the open source principles, but say for example, if the primary developer is permanently high, there's only so much the community can contribute, short of an intervention...

What's completely disheartening, and why this project should be avoided, is the main (or only) developer's modus operandi. Put simply, he's not a completist, so this project will only ever be partially useable. It is unarguably true that older versions are more stable than newer ones. Of course, new operating systems introduce new problems but the communication layer between client and server should be isolated from this. Yet, there are continual instabilities, bizarre behaviour, very tricky to reproduce bugs, memory leaks, inconsistencies between packages... you name it, any numbers of versions have got it

Do yourself a favour and adopt any other project; it's guaranteed to have far more organised and sensible developers behind it


Very Good!

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I am using it instead of TeamViewer.

  • Secured connection if you install the Security Addon. A bit complicated if you never met the "key exchange" method or you were using only "already cooked 3rd party software" but this article explains its usage clearly.
  • Different settings for low bandwith connections.
  • Has the same functions as TeamViewer's. (FileTransfer,Chat etc.)

/I'm using it with NoIP/

Highly Recommended!


Best VNC client

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Well, I am not using the Server function. I only use the viewer.
Tried TightVNC and RealVNC and this one is the best to access my local server. Very good transcoding speed, for this tiny client.