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Works a lot better than RealVNC with Intel AMT

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RealVNC really should be the best VNC client for Intel AMT since they collaborated on the built-in VNC server, but I've found it to be very flaky - RealVNC often loses the connection, has all sorts of graphical problems, sometimes skips or refuses to listen to key presses, lags and so on.

So I finally decided to give UltraVNC a go, and to my great surprise it works a LOT better in every respect. Doesn't lose the connection, has no graphical problems, doesn't ignore key presses and also has a much snappier response (to both client and server actions). As a bonus, it also automatically scales the remote window according to the dpi setting I have in Windows (I have a 4K screen and use 150% dpi scaling). Sure, RealVNC can also scale, but its implementation sucks (it doesn't resize the window automatically, so I had to do it manually every god-forsaken time).

Before Remote Desktop became good (i.e. in Windows 7, although dpi scaling support was first included in 8.1 I believe), I used UltraVNC for a long time, so I don't know why I thought RealVNC would be better for Intel AMT. Silly me, should have gone with UltraVNC from the beginning! ;)


The download page for UltraVNC is terrible.

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This is what you get when you click the "Download" button on the UltraVNC website.


If you click "UltraVNC" on the top of the page, and then click through two more (seemingly unnecessary) webpages, you end up here.


Believe me, this was very confusing the first time I saw it-- the notification at the bottom is almost unnoticeable. The design of this page is more like the webpages of 4Shared or Hotfile, not of a website for legitimate software like UltraVNC. I ended up just downloading it through FileHippo... seriously UltraVNC website, Y U SO CONFUSING?


As far as I understand it's possible to use UVNC to connect ...

Comment by ViTaMiN
about UltraVNC · Jun 2011 · -1 Helpful

As far as I understand it's possible to use UVNC to connect Ammyy Admin server which significantly simplifies the initial first-session-run procedure as the latter is vnc and rdp compatible.

I've never tried that as i prefer Ammyy due to it's ease of use, but if you managed to do that please share your opinion.